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How might we support teachers with digital change?

It is fast becoming a cliché to say that we now live in a time of ‘hyperchange’. A common response to this state of being in perpetual change is to adopt a change management model, such as that of Kotter’s 8 step process. An alternative perspective is offered by Maurie Abraham, Principal of Hobsonville Point Secondary School, when he says: Change can't be managed .... leading for the future requires us to lead change".


When we wonder about how we might support all teachers with digital change, we might consider:

  • What role does language, inquiry and mindsets play?

  • How could existing models, methodologies and frameworks help?

  • What balance should we strike with technical help: offering tools, tips and tricks?

  • Whether we can even shift people’s thinking: How do we connect to the ‘why’, develop a sense of a moral imperative, an emotional desire to be part of a change?

  • What does effective leadership of change look like and feel like?

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