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Music Theory curriculum

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Started by Jo 21 Jul 2016 1:05pm () Replies (1)

Hi MusEddy people. It doesn't look like there is loads of activity on this forum, but I'm very keen to get other peoples ideas!! I'm teaching at a school where the kids all get an hour (or so) of music each week from the time they're new entrants right up until they finish year 10, and I've been establishing a plan of how I can best use all this time for the last 7 years. I'm covering many aspects and giving the kids loads of different cool musical experiences and learning various instruments over the years... but I would like to re-look at how I'm teaching music theory, and building knowledge at the different age groups, making sure they maintain what they have learned etc.

My first question is where can I find a specific curriculum, suggesting what to teach at what age.. that says when to teach semitones and when to teach minor scales... I feel like I have a reasonable idea from experience, but would love to run it by something more concrete as I look to re-work what I'm teaching over the years

And my second is has anyone got ideas for developing or purchasing resources (I'm thinking theory workbooks for the kids) that will teach them at a slow enough pace, with lots of revision so that the content sticks? I've been using the printable music theory book from the fun music company, but I would like something much slower paced with heaps of opportunity for revision. 

Whatever feedback anyone can give would be most appreciated!!



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