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Supporting learners with assistive technologies

Started by Nathaniel Louwrens 13 Jul 2016 8:56am () Replies (1)

Assistive technologies help students do things they cannot otherwise do, or do things better. Assistive technologies can include technology devices such as computer hardware and software (including literacy support software), as well as hearing, vision, and mobility devices and equipment, and specialised furniture. Find out more on the Enabling e-Learning, Assistive Technologies page.

In this video Matt, a student from Wairarapa College reflects on his technology use, effective partnerships with teachers, and the need for self-advocacy skills.

How do I know what technology will help a student?

Lynne Silcock explains how to find the right technology for students in the blog post, Identifying the right technology to support a student (and the black box technique).

Have a look at the Assistive Technology VLN group for more support around the technologies that are available to support learners. The group blog reviews software and apps to support learning.

Check out also the Inclusive Education website Assistive Technologies guide.

How are you supporting your learners using technology, whether specialist equipment or software/apps available on the devices in your classroom?

Have you got any stories of creative ways you are using technologies to support students?

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e-Learning: Technologies

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