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NAPP topic: Why are innovators mindsets and in depth collaboration and cooperation crucial in resourcing Innovative Learning Environments?

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Started by Veronica van der Straaten 02 Jul 2016 11:52am () Replies (1)

Why are innovators mindsets and in depth collaboration and cooperation crucial in resourcing Innovative Learning Environments?


A schools 10 year property plan is the Ministry’s and school’s strategic asset management plan. The MOE will collaborate with each school when reviewing the school’s 10 yr property plan and the MOE will allocate an advisor /consultant to work with the Principal and Board to assess the needs of the school around  such things as heating, boiler uipgrades, roofs, electrical w.o.f., fire prevention, plumbing, water, alarms and this becomes the basis of the 10 year property plan.


In the schools 5YA, priority is given to any maintenance work that has been identified in the 10 year property plan and then any capital left can be used for building upgrades.  Schools are also responsible for ensuring a percentage of the schools funding is put aside annually for cyclical maintenance e.g. painting of buildings, washing down buildings, gutter clean, roof maintenance etc..


When Boards and Principals begin planning what upgrades are needed they need to ensure firstly that the upgrades of teaching and learning spaces are based on  creating innovative learning environments otherwise they risk not getting the funding for the upgrades.


When designing the upgrades of teaching and learning spaces the Ministry will firstly prioritise around health and safety items ensuring there is adequate acoustics, lighting, ventilation, heating within the plans.


So creative thinking by Boards, the Principal, the staff and community is needed to ensure that the building upgrades they want to occur meet the Ministry’s strict guidelines.  They need to not only understand the guidelines but be able to manipulate the guidelines, work collaboratively with the Ministry, the property manager, tradespeople, architects, council to get the teaching and learning spaces they need to effect greater student engagement and improve pedagogical practices. And we haven't even considered the e learning tools and modern flexible "fit for purpose" furniture we want to purchase to ensure these spaces provide for our 21st century learners!


We have just gone through this process and found that we could only afford about half of the upgrades we wanted because once costs for maintenance of existing structures were taken from the 5YA and then architects, consultants, consent fees were taken from what was left there was only enough in this round to complete the basic refurbishment of an old block of four rooms, providing connecting doors and creating an indoor/outdoor space.


To achieve what we have achieved has involved researching ILE’s, looking at what we currently have, discussing with staff, the community, BOT and the Ministry what we would like and then prioritising with what funds we have available, what is possible. By having an innovative mindset, collaborating and cooperating you are looking to get the best possible outcome for students, teachers, the community i.e. “the best for the buck” until the next 5YA round ……….then it begins again!


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