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3 things students should have before they leave high school

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At the end of Telling a Story Beyond Grades, a blog post by George Couros, George shares an image stating 3 things that students should have before they leave high school. They are:

1. A professional social network

2. A digital portfolio

3. An About.Me page

It is becoming more and more important as adults to ensure we have a professional online presence. Being able to show our professional side through sites such as LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter and more allows potential employers to see what we have accomplished and what we can offer their schools or workplaces.

It would be great to hear your thoughts:

  • How are you developing your professional image online?
  • How important do you think this is?
  • In what places do you share professionally?
  • How do you keep your professional and personal separate online? And should you?
  • In what ways are you encouraging your students to develop a professional online profile? What are you doing to demonstrate the importance of this?

There is more to the blog post shared above than these 3 things and it is worth a read.


  • Lisa Banks (View all users posts) 29 Jun 2016 10:48am ()

    At the recent EduTech conference in Christchurch we were told that you should have some sort of managed online presence. To not have any digital footprint is as dangerous to your future self as being photographed drunk on a Saturday night. This was because employers would be very suspicious of any millenials who do not use social media in some form.

    To teach them how to create a professional online presence then is of huge value.


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