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Student Led Conferences

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Started by Jacinda Panther 09 Jun 2016 4:13pm () Replies (5)
Hi all. We are after some advice re Student Led Conferences in an ILE. 
We are 2 teachers working collaboratively with 60 children. We currently teach a mix of children but are having to run our student led conferences with our own classes regardless of who we actually teach. I'm struggling with this as I feel we are at a disadvantage by not working together to run the meetings so we can talk about the particular children we teach.
We both know where each child is working at in reading, writing and maths but the actual day to day stuff eg what strategy they are struggling with, what book they're reading etc, the actual group teacher knows.
Any ideas or ways to solve this problem?


  • merryl (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2016 5:46pm ()

    Hi Jacinda

    Nice to chat to you again!!!! I would challenge whoever with these diagrams....attached

    I teach in an ILE sharing a space with my collaborative partner. We have 50 chn and our SLC were run completely by our chn. We are not room 11 or room 10, we are 10.11.


    We believe the shift is for the students to know their goals, their next steps etc, not really for the teacher to report at SLCs and that is exactly what our children shared. 6 children with their parents at a time, no interactions from us except for us popping by and listening.

    We don't have fixed groups in our 10.11 Learning Hub, we don't have two programmes.





    These might help deepen the understanding of Collaborative Teaching?


    :) Merryl 



  • Wendy Parkes (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2016 8:26pm ()

    Hi there

    I am also teaching Year 3/4 in an ILE ( just beginning) We have 50 Students in our Learning Environment.  I would encourage you to  be true to 'Student Led' conferences.  We had our students create a google slide to help prompt them as they took their whanau through their goals and learning - we had the 'rooms' open and had up to 4 conferences at at time and 'floated' around.  The children had great control of their confernces and were proud to share their learning without teacher interruptions....The best conferences I have been involved in, in a long time!  Pop over to our class blog http://teamfrankley67.blogspot.co.nz/ to have  a look at what our slideshows looked like.  We also reminded our parents that this was a time for their child to share their learning and if they wanted a teacher meeting to book a different time.  We haven't had any book - so the kids must have done a great job!  All the best with your journey!  Wendy

  • Oscarsranch (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2016 9:07pm ()

    Thanks for sharing your blog.  You have totally inspired me with an idea I had but just couldn't see how to start and now I know where yo go. Thank you, please tell your class thank you as their blogs were great


  • Wendy Parkes (View all users posts) 10 Jun 2016 3:08pm ()

    Hey Rebecca

    Thanks for the feedback!  Our class loved hearing others had looked at their blogs.


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