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Money Week 5 - 11 September 2016

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Started by Janine Mackay 01 Jun 2016 2:34pm () Replies (1)


From The Money Week team...

Previously you’ve helped us get New Zealanders talking about their money during Money Week. This year we’ve decided to go one step further, with “Show me the Money Week”.

It's all about visualising the future - especially the cost of 30 years of life in retirement. Collectively we'll be encouraging New Zealanders to see their future and make a plan to get there – whether it’s saving for a house deposit, going on a family holiday, or planning for the retirement they see for themselves. And we’re hoping you’ll join us.
To get you started, we’ve developed a suite of free assets and resources that will help you look and feel the part. From posters for notice boards and staff rooms, to logos for newsletters and websites - we’ve put more information about these into our Money Week pack.
We’ve also got some new resources in the pipeline - they'll be appearing on our swish new website. This is being updated regularly so be sure to register your interest on the homepage to receive alerts about new material as it becomes available. 

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