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Learning Through Play

Started by Jacqui Pennington 23 May 2016 12:50pm () Replies (5)


Here is a link to an article that prompted Silverstream School to start a play based approach to starting there day. I am going to start Term 3 here in the New Entrant class at Sacred Heart Primary.

I would really like to hear from any other teachers who have this approach running in their schools. What issues do you face? How do you fit in curriculum requirements?

Also I am considering changing what I do as SEA. I currently do JAM as well. This no longer fits with our whole school numicon programme. What do other New Entrant teachers do on entry?

I have concerns that I am reporting to families on progress towards the National Standards after children have only been at school for 20 or less weeks at school. How do other schools report to whanau in the first year of school?

Thank you

Jacqui Pennington


  • Sol Henare (View all users posts) 02 Sep 2016 9:59pm ()

    Tena koe, hope you are all well. Does anyone know of any primary schools we can visit in the Auckland, Waikato, BOP areas that are leading play based advocates? Thank you

  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 08 Sep 2016 2:42pm ()

    Try Caro Bush at Ormiston Primary. She has been researching this, this year. She will also know a few schools in Auckland. 

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 23 May 2016 5:36pm ()

    Testing- I do a school entry assessment which I have created from what we had and other assessments. Colours, shapes, numbers, letters, sounds, writing name, drawing a body and asking them to point out basic body parts ( as we found lots didn't know elbow, chin etc on entry). We also do Jam, this is redone after 6 weeks and a report is done for parents who are asked to come to interview. Just what they doing for literacy, numeracy and basic development. This is done again at 6 months then they fit into school assessment schedule after 1 Year at school. 

    We are looking into play based learning but we are not ready yet as we have year 0-2 MLE. 

    I think this was everything I could answer haha



  • Judith Urry (View all users posts) 23 May 2016 5:24pm ()

    Hi Jacqui

    Happy for you to contact me...jurry@cdps.school.nz


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