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Using Seesaw as an eportfolio for student engagement, collaboration and reflection with year 3 students

Started by whaeasarah 16 May 2016 9:25pm () Replies (7)

I am currently using the Seesaw App in the classroom. Students are uploading their learning via photos each week and writing comments about what they are learning. These are then saved to their online journal which is shared with their whanau. Children are also learning how to write feedback for others on their learning posts. I am wondering if people are using digital portfolios for the junior school and if they are finding it is increasing student engagement, collaboration and reflection? Also what the feedback has been from the community for example how the parents are using it or not?


  • Darren Kerr (View all users posts) 17 May 2016 3:58pm ()

    Interested to hear some responses to this question as I am about to look at this app for this exact job. Using it across the schoolder so any advice or comments would be appreciated.

  • Freya Wolfe (View all users posts) 17 May 2016 4:55pm ()

    I use it with my year 5/6 class. They like using it and parents think it's great

  • Cyndi Kruijer (View all users posts) 19 May 2016 10:13pm ()

    I used it with Year 2 and it was just amazing.  We had iPads.  The children became very self regulated with recording themselves and sharing onto SeeSaw.  It sends a direct email to the parents letting them know their child has posted something.  I used it many creative ways to share the learning and activities in the classroom and also when we were on outings.  The parents loved it.  It is the best ePortfolio app I have used to date.

  • Katarina Moore (View all users posts) 21 May 2016 9:05pm ()

    Would you use Seesaw rather than an individual blog? Why / why not?

  • whaeasarah (View all users posts) 18 Jul 2016 3:11pm ()

    I use Seesaw for individual student portfolios that can be linked into the classroom blog. I found at the recent parent teacher meetings the children really enjoyed showing their parents their learning journals on the IPad. It was great to see their learning journey throughout the year. All the children choose showing their online portfolio over showing their parents their books.

    A lot of the parents had signed up for notifications for the App but it was awesome to see the children taking ownership for their learning. I recently saw on the news that a school in New Zealand has teamed up with Vodafone to provide online learning journals. From the story it seemed the response from parents was very positive.

    I'm wondering if online journals will replace our current traditional paper reporting systems.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 22 Feb 2017 9:44am ()

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