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Started by Tracey Simons 12 May 2016 9:46am () Replies (9)

Hi Everyone, I am keen to make contact with schools that are using Lightspeed. We have signed up for this but am wanting ideas on how schools are using the system and how they set up their ipads initially, any pit falls or quick tips appreciated. 


  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 23 Mar 2017 5:26pm ()

    We began using Lightspeed at Springston School from the beginning of this year. It was set up by Cyclone (our Tech people) over the Christmas break and was ready to go for the start of this year. 

    We have around 70 iPads in the system, grouped according to learning teams, and with subgroups within those for older iPad2s and newer iPad Airs (because some apps can't go on older devices). 

    I had been waiting for an MDM that could place apps in folders and on screens where we want them - not using the scatter-gun approach. We do use a lot of apps - mostly open-ended and creative ones. 

    Lightspeed also locks down the placement of apps on a device so they can't be messed with by students.

    Apps and other settings are quickly and easily pinged out to apps wirelessly. It has saved me hours of time (though I did spend many hours at the start saying what apps we had that needed to be transferred from VPP codes into licences, saying which Team was to have which app and in which folder etc).

    A feature that we discovered this week, is to be able to add Homescreen bookmarks (with whatever image design you want) to websites you might want students to go to. And lock these where you want them to be placed. So, it's not just apps.

    There is quite a large set up cost, but it is a big job if you're complicated like us/me. And there is an ongoing per iPad cost. But, so far, it's been very worth it and we're very happy.

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