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Robotics and different contexts

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Started by Lb 30 Apr 2016 10:24am () Replies (6)

I would like to explore the use of robotics in my classroom. We already have a robotics club that uses challenges and builds cars and is what I would call "classic" robotics. I want to engage with a wider group of students by examining context and themes within robotics.

What devices are people using and how are they being used to engage students with a wider range of interests and backgrounds?


Thank you


  • Katarina Moore (View all users posts) 01 May 2016 8:35pm ()


    We have recently bought 15 mbots. We only got them a few weeks before the holidays, so I have just let the students explore how to do the basic coding to get the moving in the desired direction. The students are starting to challenge themselves in order to have more control. They explore and then they try to teach me.

    I'm also very interested to find out how other people are using robotics.

  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 01 May 2016 9:02pm ()


    Thinking about purpose is key when introducing robotics.  How and why will they be used?  

    I have used a range of robotics that include visual coding from early childhood education upwards.  The visual coding languages given a good introduction into computer science especially when language such as loops, sequence etc is used to support what is happening. 

    Robotics I use are Dash and Romo with ECE learners due to the visual coding.  With older children  mBot and Mindstorms are great as visual coding can be built on.  There are many make-your-own robotics too with Raspberry Pi and bristle bots etc.

    Keen to hear how you get on.

  • Linda Baran (View all users posts) 02 May 2016 6:15am ()


    We have just purchased Lego EV3 robots. The possibilities with these seem neverending.  I am getting a group of older kids trained up as 'experts' so they can help run sessions in other areas of the school. Starting with basic movement, and then introducing sensors. We have the Science/Renewable energy add on kits so we can integrate with our Enviroschools programme, otherwise we will start with integration with our maths programme. The software is on our laptops and iPads.

    The Damien Kee books are great to get started with good lesson ideas.


    Linda Baran

  • Lb (View all users posts) 05 May 2016 6:23pm ()

    Hello all, thank you for your contributions.

    Linda I will search out that book and I love the idea of science renewable energy add on kit.

    Tara, I totally agree with you about having a clear purpose, for me it's the idea of robotics enhancing the mathematics curriculum, integrating key ideas with science and technology and the opportunity for key competencies to be developed. I have a raspberry Pi but I feel that is still a bit over my head, I need low floor high ceiling applications at the moment until my confidence and knowledge grows. I also find the students are not quite ready for it, although I do have couple of students that come in and play with the code and the led display at lunch time. 

    Katrina, Mbots look like they could be a cost effective way of bringing robots into the classroom.

    I have been looking at getting a few ozobots, try and hook in the artistic dancing students. I think the idea of choreographic dance displays with them is a possibility.

    Thank you again and keep the ideas coming I will let you know how I get on with the couple of old mindstorm robots I have in my classroom at the moment. Give me another a week or so :-)




  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 02 Jun 2016 9:13pm ()

    Using mBots, Dot and Dash in our school. Dot and Dash fantastic fun, mBots good but more advanced skills needed.

    Also: Programs for above on iPads, ScratchJnr on iPads, Pyonkee (a slightly cludgy version of Scratch on iPads)

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