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Virtual learning spaces

In the following video, Stephen Collis, from Sydney Centre of Innovation in Learning, talks about the terms Cave, Campfire and Watering Hole as different spaces within a learning environment. He discusses how they can be in a physical space or a virtual space.

Learning spaces - Different spaces and their purposes

Stephen states that:

  • a cave is a reflective space
  • a campfire is a space for expertise
  • a watering hole is a collaborative space.

He then suggests that:

  • a virtual cave could be a blog
  • a virtual campfire could be flipped learning
  • a virtual watering hole could be any of the Web 2.0 tools.

Where are your virtual learning spaces?

  • In what virtual spaces do you go to get into your cave, campfire or watering hole?
  • What do you appreciate about those spaces?
  • How do they support your learning?
  • Where else do you like to learn?

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