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Student Email accounts

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Started by Angela Sime 24 Mar 2016 11:21am () Replies (4)

Our GAFE set up is pretty caveman, having done it all ourselves without employing the 'experts' ... its been a lot of time, reading, Googling! But we think we have done pretty well.  We only have some students who have individual accounts at this stage.  A member of our school community believes our student accounts should not be accessible in teh wide world, that they should only be able to email within the school domain?

Does anyone have any advice about this?  I would really appreciate anything you can offer ...



  • Sasha (View all users posts) 24 Mar 2016 11:27am ()

    At our school all children from yr 4 up have their own Gmail account so they can access drive etc. The emails are not open to anyone outside of the school domain and for the younger ones it's restricted to within each class. Keeps them safe and since they are for learning conversations only they don't need them outside of school. They can have personal ones for that.

  • Shane (View all users posts) 24 Mar 2016 6:23pm ()

    We've had some pretty long conversations re this with individuals in our community as well. 

    At our school all pupils from Yr 3-8 have a school account via Google Apps for Education and must use the provided school email to both log onto the network and to create user accounts with. This is the only acceptable email to use on their devices and our network. Since the actual owner of the email is the school, we can revoke access if necessary for inappropriate use or use the power to access all emails both to and from the account without needing access to the personal device or worrying about privacy issues. I think our younger pupils have their email locked down, but as they get older, it is opened (Year 5 I think). We use Hapara for easy visibility.

    As to whether the emails should be only usable to others in the school domain, I think this is a decision you have to make for yourselves based on the level of digital literacy of your community, how the majority feel about this, whether you feel there is a learning purpose for pupils making contact with outside experts (this is probably a yes) and as a school community. 

    You indicated that the issue was a single individual. Perhaps that person needs to reflect on why it is that they are the only person with that concern (just be careful that they are not representing a wider community concern). Make sure you're doing ongoing digital citizenship education to educate both parents and children re why trying to build a secure digital version of a gated community is not possible.

    Personally, I don't have a problem with emails being opened up to the wider world. That's not where your problems are going to come from. There are bigger worries these days - Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik etc on their mobiles. 


  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 30 Mar 2016 2:32pm ()

    Hi Angela

    You might like to contact the Connected Learning Advisory — Te Ara Whītiki to ask advice around the use of student email accounts. The CLA is a free, Ministry of Education service which gives advice around integrating technology with teaching and learning.

    You can contact them through the link to the online form found on the website, www.connectedlearning.org.nz

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