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Phone headset with iPad connection

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Started by Mel 29 Feb 2016 4:27pm () Replies (5)

Hi everyone.  I have seen these on a blog from the US and wondered if anyone knew where we could get them in NZ?  They cut down the background noise when children are recording their voice.



  • Emily Bagrie (View all users posts) 29 Feb 2016 4:37pm ()

    These look awesome! Do you know what they are called? Does it have the name on the original blog? I'd love to try and track them down as well. :)


  • Mark Herring (View all users posts) 29 Feb 2016 5:23pm ()

    I found these on Aliexpress.

    MIC 3.5mm Retro Phone Telephone Handset For iPhone / iPad / HTC / Samsung PC Portable Classic Headphone FREE SHIPPING
    (from AliExpress Android)

    Could be an option? They look great.

  • Jim Cullinane (View all users posts) 29 Feb 2016 6:29pm ()

    I got one of these at NOOD in Christchurch for around $10. They are a little better than the iPad's omnidirectional internal mic but there's still lots of spill from the classroom (very retro and cool looking though). I have tried cheap USB headsets with a camera connection kit and they work okay in a busy class. Failing that, iRig Mics work very well too. I usually send kids outside or into the cloakroom to do any semi-important audio.

  • Emily Bagrie (View all users posts) 29 Feb 2016 6:31pm ()

    I have one from Glassons a few years back, probably similar to the ones from NOOD. I'll have to give it a go, I never thought of this! Thanks!

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