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FORUM: One word to define your school | An Enabling e-Learning event (11 Feb - 3 Mar 2016)

Started by Nathaniel Louwrens 11 Feb 2016 11:08am () Replies (28)

In the beginning of his uLearn15 keynote address, Grant Lichtman asks,

What's that one word that describes what you want the rest of your school year to be like? ... What is that one word that describes what you want your school to reek of?


View the keynote here -- On the road: Keys to successful school innovation in times of change

As we're very early into the school year, it's a great opportunity to consider your one word for your school.

What do you want your students and the visitors to your school to notice, to experience, to recognise when they are on site?

Share your one word below.

You might also like to share how you might go about making that happen in your school by getting your colleagues and your students on board with the idea.


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