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Can a teacher be a good teacher without using technology?

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Started by Tessa Gray 16 Aug 2011 12:31pm () Replies (1)

Yesterday I posted conversations about an effective e-learning pedagogy @ /pg/blog/read/93689/what-is-an-effective-elearning-pedagogy It unpacked some ideas about effective pedagogies that included the use appropriate of ICTs. Today it got me thinking again, can we have transformative learning without the e-learning tools?

We all know it’s not the technology alone that results in improved outcomes for teaching and learning, rather it requires sound teaching pedagogies. We only need to reference Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES) to see that research-based characteristics such as; creating a caring, supportive, inviting, inclusive, active, constructive, collaborative learning community (responsive to individual learning needs) is sound teaching pedagogy. (p6)

I’ve had some rigorous conversations with teachers and and observed first-hand how some educators make an incredible impact without using ‘the tools’. So, what about the technology?

In his blog post, You don’t have to like it, Chris Betcher is a firm believer that we should not be making any allowances for teachers who make excuses for not using, liking or understanding technology. His argument includes the fact that technology is nothing new and other professions don’t opt in or out of using technologies, so why should we.

Perhaps the most compelling argument for the use of e-learning tools, might come from the recent findings from the More ladders,fewer snakes: Two proposals to reduce youth disadvantage discussion paper where e-learning has been recognised to help improve young peoples' chances, especially those already disadvantaged. It has been proven to improve engagement, motivation and ultimately the school-to-work transition. For more to to /pg/blog/read/78182/elearning-to-improve-young-peoples-chances-nz-institute-paper

What do you think? We could respond to DWarlick's poll @ Can a teacher be a good teacher without using technology? or start out own.

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