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Moving into ILE in 2016....

Started by Carly Kidd 12 Jan 2016 1:40pm () Replies (8)

Hi everyone,

Like many of you out there I am moving into a shared teaching space too! I am really excited and super keen to get into it! After 16 years of having my own classroom and students, I will be sharing a fantastic bunch of Year 6 students with another 2 teachers who will be job sharing. We will have approx 60 students in two classrooms that have a big sliding door between them (which shall remain wide open!), we have a large covered space out the front of our space and a bit out the back that we intend to utilise too.  We are in the process of making decisions about planning formats and who is teaching what and when!  So far we have decided to start with what we already know - Google Docs, Sheets and Slides! We plan to start the year developing our students knowledge and understanding of Growth Mindset and how to use assessment data to identify next steps for learning. I have really gained a lot from my current studies at MindLab and have been reading a lot about MLE/ILE, MLP/ILP etc and have really enjoyed all the professional discussion here on the VLN. I thought I would share this is one reading that has got me really thinking as I head into a Modern Learning Environment with my Modern Learning Pedagogy :)  This is Joanne Bissett's thesis for her Masters Degree in Educational Management and Leadership ... http://unitec.researchbank.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10652/2700/Joanne%20Bissett_2015-02-23.pdf?sequence=1 

If anyone has any planning formats or suggestions for planning/teaching etc. that have worked for them as they have embarked on their MLE journeys, I would really appreciate it!!!

Thanks heaps in advance!! :)


  • Kyral (View all users posts) 12 Jan 2016 6:40pm ()

    Hi Carly

    I am happy to share what we have done if you would like to email me kyral@turakiprimary.school.nz 



  • EmmaL (View all users posts) 15 Jan 2016 5:18pm ()

    Kia ora Carly,

    I too am moving into a collaborative environment next year, and will also be using my Mind Lab study to support this. Has been really interesting spending the time during the year thinking about how it might work and now having the opportunity to actually get stuck in and give it a try!

    The space I am moving in to has run a collaborative model last year so they've already tried few different things and made some changes. This year, at least to start with, we are splitting the Maths / Reading groups between us equally, we are starting with whole class writing sessions with one teacher with a small targeted group being run by the other teacher, and we're going to switch between these roles every few weeks. Ee are going to team teach the intro part of our inquiry and then we have divided the other areas between us based on our personal interests or strengths.

    We have quite large numbers so are starting with this but I am sure we will be tweaking / changing as we go. We are planning on shared google docs, with hyperlinks to our individual group planning. We are also beginning to allocate other roles, particularly to do with leadership stuff (we have year 7/8) and administration.

    The challenge for us is how to accurately but efficiently track the progress of our students. As I said we have large numbers in our space and we don't want any priority students, or any student for that matter, to not be closely monitored, both within academic achievement but pastoral / social / haoura etc as well. Any ideas teams have on how to approach this side of it would be greatly appreciated.

    Nga mihi nui,


  • Imogen Macartney (View all users posts) 17 Jan 2016 7:44pm ()

    Hi Carly,

    We are still waiting for our building which has been delayed a little longer than expected as these building projects sometimes seem to take!

    Fortunately though we have been able to try and test some things out while still in a single celled environment. We used google sites as a topic planning template which all the students could access from their class but enabled them to work collaboratively with students from other classes. This year we are going to try taking a 2 teachers to 60 students approach and plan with our buddy teaching using google docs and sheets which will be connected to our school website and visible for our community to see. Unfortunately we will still have the wall between us but hopefully it prepares our students (and teachers) a little for when the time comes to move into the new space.


  • Lisa Olsen-Brown (View all users posts) 17 Jan 2016 8:02pm ()

    Hi Carly and Emma,

    Snap! As part of our schools property upgrade we are awaiting either the re-build or re-furbish (we are anxiously awaiting confirmation from MOE) of two of our school blocks. This year a few of my colleagues and I have also participated in the Mind Lab programme as we seek to up-skill and prepare for this shift in practice.

    Like you Emma, we have trialled a few different modalities of teaching, team, parallel and collaborative and our staff have been on a wild ride of professional development which has challenged many of us as far as our mindsets and beliefs around our practice is concerned. 

    As a senior management team we have explored google as a platform for collaborating with planning, in particular docs and slides, some of us are exploring sites also and have developed our action plans around developing digital collaboration through the use of these as well as improving whānau engagement.

    As a small dual stream school we face the added challenge of having groups of children spanning a wide range of year levels in shared spaces. Although the number of students would likely be considered 'normal' for a shared learning space the scope of learning and maturity levels is vast. (Possibly 70 students ranging from Year 0-8 in one of the spaces). 

    Although I am excited and hopeful about the possibilities of teaching and learning in ILE I have some skepticism also.

    I am interested to hear how other schools have dealt with the logistics of multi-level teaching in ILE and would love to see examples as Carly and Emma have mentioned above.


  • kim pewhairangi (View all users posts) 18 Jan 2016 1:47pm ()

    Following on from Lisa's korero, we were lucky to visit a few different MLE/ILE and the lovely teachers working in those spaces were more than happy to share their collaborative planning with us. As we are developing the possibilities associated with Google Docs, it was good to see that some schools were opting to use the free sites available to develop their collaborative planning. Fortunately for myself and the teacher that I will be sharing a space with, is that we are both happy using this platform, as it will definitely cut down on the 'together' time needed when planning. What we were both elated to see that was, we were definitely on the perceived right track when it came to collaborative planning. Obviously we still have a long way to go. Eventually we hope to use google classroom at some stage, but have looked into 'Hapara', while it is a site that requires a cost per student, it seems to cover some of the issues we have come up against, as it has the capability to see a class dashboard, as well as being compatible with Google docs.

    Eventually we envisage seeing our whole staff using 

    • Google Drive under our school url
    • Planning collaboratively through Google docs saved onto our school drive rather than our school server

    I/We am/are constantly looking for ideas on how to do this smarter. 

  • Teia Koopu (View all users posts) 20 Jan 2016 12:41am ()


    Hi Carla, 

    I have found this site really helpful in understanding why MLE/ILE developed and they are good reads.  This is only the Research part surrounding ILE.  http://elearning.tki.org.nz/Technologies/Innovative-learning-environments. As Kim and Lisa have said we have been on the ILE journey for the last year and also studying through Mindlab.   My Research at the moment is the Impact of ILE on Maori learners as we are at a Bilingual school.  There is not a lot of research out there for ILE within the NZ context.  I think our research that we are doing through the Mindlab is going to be "THE RESEARCH FOR ILE" LOL.   Im interested in finding out how you are going to develop your students knowledge and understanding of Growth Mindset and how to use assessment data to identify next steps for learning.  Please keep us updated how that is going.  Sounds great.  GOOD LUCK

    Planning - yes yes yes! Google docs, google slides, google sites seems to suit us at the moment.  Kim and Lisa are also using Google slides to share E-Portfolios for student led conferences.  The children were able to transition from Power point to Google slides easily. No more lost pen drives.  The teacher collaborate online with the children -provide feedback and  plan next learning steps.  




  • Denise Welsh (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2016 11:56am ()

    Hi Carly, 

    I am into my 3rd year in an MLE or open learning space but remember starting out like it was yesterday. We had 5 classes of year 5 and 6 students, 3 classrooms were and still are in an open plan learning space with no doors or walls separating them and the other 2 are in single cell rooms which will soon be transformed into open learning spaces. We started out small with topic studies like science and inquiry to get our head around everything and having so many students moving. Next we moved onto cross grouping for reading where we started to see an excellent flow of movement and collaboration. The use of the learning spaces was also much more effective. Google sheets was an excellent way for our team to keep track of our students progress and also helped for report writing time. Good luck with your journey and remember to take a bit at a time, plenty of trial and error and re-trial.

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