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Teaching as Inquiry goals

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Started by Aaron MacKinnon 11 Jan 2016 3:22pm () Replies (5)

I'm curious to know how others identify their goals for teaching as inquiry.  Do you analyse the data and select an area of focus individually, across a syndicate or is it a whole school approach?


  • Michelle (View all users posts) 12 Jan 2016 8:59am ()

    Kia ora Anna

    Our school analysed the data and each team decided on an area of focus (based on National Standards data as this was our Ministry target as well) together as we are collaboratively teaching in each team so this made sense. It was the second year we have done this and we are developing more effective systems as we go. We use etap to collect data, so each team was able to access the data easily. Each team then transferred the e-tap data across to a google doc spreadsheet for Reading, Writing & Mathematics, that all members could view, so each targeted child could be monitored regularly by all team members. 

    Ideally school leaders should drive the teaching as inquiry focus to ensure that it is strategically planned for and resourced appropriately, professional development, release, resources etc.

    There is some talk from some educational experts that whole school teaching as inquiry is more effective due to the above comment. If your school is working as a cluster or community of learning then the resources could be utilized across schools. 

    Each of our teams in 2015 selected three inquiries based on our National Standards data and then each individual chose 1 of those areas to bog their reflections and evidence, teachers could still have there own individual teaching as inquiry as well as the team/school focus, however managing workload is also a factor particluarly when first starting out. 1 teaching as inquiry would be enough to start with. 





  • Bronwyn Sullivan (View all users posts) 15 Jan 2016 8:21am ()

    Hi Anne

    I work in a Technology Centre of 11 staff. I have just completed a Teaching as Inquiry plan with 2 other members of of our staff as part of aa assignment we are doing for a Mindlab course. Our team leader is keen for our whole staff to follow this plan this year.  Last year we all choose our own goals and completed our plans determining our own individual needs.  We think working as a centre may be helpful for all staff and PD can be based around this area as well.





  • EmmaL (View all users posts) 15 Jan 2016 4:51pm ()

    Kia ora,

    We have also experimented with a few different approaches. We use to make individual inquiry goals but that were based around our targets. For example, if one of our targets was about raising boys writing achievement we would then individually make a plan about what we were going to do, within our own teacher inquiry to meet this. We met in PLG;'s throughout the year to share evidence, progress etc towards these. 

    Last year we went a bit differently as we undertook an action research inquiry around MLE stuff, which allowed us to all try out different aspects of collaborative teaching, or self-directed learning as we felt comfortable with and could share the success (or not) of these with our colleagues to increase everyones understanding and knowledge. 

    This year as we go into more collaborative models, it would definitely make sense to have a team inquiry. This would allow us to support each other towards this goal, share ideas and have reflective discussions. On the other hand, sometimes I think that everybody having the freedom to choose any inquiry that is relevant or important to their practice would be good. Since undertaking some recent study, I would love to look at more digital technology like badges, or gamification or e-portfolios etc and as mentioned above, using this as my teacher inquiry goal for the year would help with workload balance. 

    I think theres probably arguments for both - group or whole school goals may allow for more imbedding and long term change but individual goals means teachers have an opportunity to follow a passion of their own or improve a part of their practice that needs development and that is unlikely to be the same for every teacher.

    Nga mihi nui,


  • Hayden Shaw (View all users posts) 15 Jan 2016 8:56pm ()

    Kia ora, it varies a lot at my school as some people get involved in bigger department based inquiries that have been driven by data from the previous year and others look closer at their own practice and data as well as the students in front of them at the time to determine the direction of their inquiry. I believe both have their place and time permitting it would be great if teachers had both on the go.

    Nga mihi


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