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The sustainability of implementing inquiry based learning in a Technology curriculum.

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Started by Christine Donaldson 08 Jan 2016 2:21pm () Replies (3)

Hi everyone,

Our Technology Center is in the process of adopting inquiry based learning. We are a large Center (11 staff members, with 26 client schools) that teaches a range of technology areas ranging from Electronics, Hard Materials, Fabrics to Foods. Our staff have started several inquiry based units but have found sustaining the process of inquiry based learning  really challenging. My question is, what tools do you use to manage learning and keep staff motivated and focused on providing the best learning outcomes for our students?


  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 18 Jan 2016 9:14am ()

    Morena Christine,

    This group is focussed on Teaching as Inquiry for teachers and leaders to inquire into their impact on student learning. This could be a good place for your teachers to start by looking at the resources on this group and develop some inquires to look at why the sustainability of inquiry learning is an issue.

    These could be some guiding points to help clarify what your teachers and learners need in order to sustain inquiry learning

    • The Teacher inquiry process and knowledge building cycle is a fundamental aspect of a schools process to build the relevant professional knowledge, skills and dispositions.

    • The cycle begins with identifying what skills and knowledge the students need to  know to achieved the desired curriculum requirements. Detailed data is required and analysed to help direct and guide the teaching practice.

    • What new skills and knowledge do the teachers need to learn to improve teaching to the students identified needs.

    • How will the teachers deepen their professional knowledge and skills with a focus on the new learning improving student outcomes. Success for a teacher is on improved achievement by the students. The new knowledge and skills must be embedded into teachers practice and allow multiple opportunities apply  the new learning. This is due to the requirement to change prior assumptions and mindsets.

    • Teachers need to assess in a variety of ways both formal; and informal how effective their teaching and learning has been for their students.

    There is also a group dedicated to Inquiry Learning and I have reposted this discussion there as well.


    I hope this helps,


  • Wendy Webb (View all users posts) 03 Feb 2016 12:43pm ()

    Hi Christine

    Some  technology centre teachers are working on building closer relationships with their client schools. This can provide an opportunity to discuss and develop shared understandings of the technology curriculum and explore how both schools are contributing to its implementation.

    A client school may have an inquiry that they are working on with students that would suit further development during their time at the technology centre...i.e. a shared inquiry.  

    To begin with could each teacher at the technology centre start to build a relationship with one school and start sharing ideas with your wider team as outlined above ?

    A two-pronged  approach could be taken- a teaching inquiry about whether building closer relationships with client schools enhances student learning in the technology curriculum and also try inquiry learning on the basis of a shared inquiry with the client school! 

     I hope that this may help.


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