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Badges/digital badges and gamification

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Started by Rebecca Ronald 08 Jan 2016 12:02pm () Replies (8)

Hi all,

I'm keen to hear from anyone who has used digital badges in their school - either in classes or extra curricular. I'm thinking of using some kind of badges to motivate and recognise achievement in my Tech Angels lunchtime group. Interested in experiences of others:

What did you use badges for?

What type of badges/badge system did you use? 

Did they help you and/or your students? How?

Also keen to hear from others who haven't used digital badges before but are interested in using them in future.




  • Danny Bedingfield (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2016 12:13pm ()

    Hi Rebecca

    At the eTime Virtual School we have used digital trophies for quite a while. Our students absolutely love them!

    Many of our regular students go above and beyond work requirements regularly to achieve these awards :-)

    eTime Virtual School Trophy Cabinet

  • Rebecca Ronald (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2016 1:21pm ()

    They look cool! Are they created and administered via Ultranet somehow, or something separate?

  • Rae Marsh (View all users posts) 09 Jan 2016 1:42pm ()

    I too am keen to find out more about digital badges/trophies.  As we become more into using google apps, it would be a great way of giving out awards/rewards.  I like the sound of many students going above and beyond requirements.

    The why and how the badges/trophies are used and awarded would be very useful.


  • Danny Bedingfield (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2016 1:47pm ()

    They are created by our wonderful graphic designer Charlotte :-) She is an Ultranet Guru.

  • Rebecca Ronald (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2016 2:09pm ()

    We've dealt with Charlotte in the design of our school website - she's a legend :-)

  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 18 Jan 2016 12:00pm ()

    Kia ora Rebecca, Danny and Rae

    Digital badges are an excellent tool to not only motivate but recognise achievements, including in non-academic areas.   Digital badges enable learners to track their learning pathway, see next steps while also having a visible reminder of the progress they have made.  Even better, being digital, learners can add these to the ePortfolios or any other digital media that they choose.

    When setting up a badge system, consider the overall suite of badges that might be awarded and how granular, or smaller badges, might feed into a larger overall badge.  Consistency of design for a suite of badges is also important to consider.

    There are quite a few badge design systems such as Credly as well as a range of badge backpacks to store the badges with Mozilla Backpack being one of the most popular.  An alternative is to have your students involved in the badge design process, creating them in Google draw.  You can also check out the badges and backpack that we use for professional learning.

    Following up from a workshop I facilitated recently on digitial badges, I am setting up a group for people interested in digital badges and I will add the link here once the group has been created.

    Keen to follow how you get on with your badge system so keep us posted.


  • suemcl (View all users posts) 18 Jan 2016 12:12pm ()

    Keen to join the group when you have it running Tara.

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