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Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

Started by Charlotte Hills 20 Dec 2015 11:39pm () Replies (26)

Looking to connect with others who are successfully using Chromebooks as a way to develop strong student voice.  

Is anyone using individual student blogs as a way to record student voice?

What are some useful apps that can be utilized on Chromebooks to engage learners?   

Or... have you found some flaws using Chromebooks that hinder capturing student voice when using a Chromebook?


  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 22 Dec 2015 1:29pm ()

    Hi Aylson

    Thank you for sharing how you are using Chromebooks for student voice.

    Your mention of using the rotation model to provide opportunities for students to record and respond to learning online is awesome... I used the rotation model for maths last year, so I will make sure I extend this for next year to cover all curriculum areas.

    You mention Prezi... is this instead of chromecasting?

    Kind regards





  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 23 Dec 2015 10:19pm ()

    Agreed, blogging allows for the collection of student voice.  In 2016 each class will have a blog and from Year 4-8 each student will have their own blog... it's going to be interesting times!  

    Do your students have their own blogs?  If so how often are they posting?  

    Re the voice typing tool..... this year I had two of my boys use it.  When they were left to their own devices (I wasn't sitting next to them when they did it), they would lose their train of thought and go off task.   It might also have been because they had to go off into the side room so the voice tool could record their thoughts.... they may have also felt excluded having to go off into the room..... how do you manage this in your classroom?

  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 07 Jan 2016 12:10am ()

    Hi Jess

    We go 1:1 chrome books from Years 4-8 this year so I'm super excited on what the possibilities will be.

    I am keen to know more about Hapara and work with 'Workspace' to allocate learning for my students to provide opportunities for them to play a more independent role with how they manage their learning.  Do you have any tips for using Hapara?  



  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 07 Jan 2016 12:23am ()

    Hi Terry

    Thanks for your response.  YES I'd love to know more about how you implement 80/20 time as we go 1:1 chrome books this year and I want to maximize their potential for collaborative practice and developing their student voice to not only review their work, but provide ways for their peers to improve their outcomes.

    I have a Year 5/6 class this year and am very open to any ideas/suggestions you have in regard to raising student agency.

    Another question for you... we are going 1:1 student blogs this year as a way of recording student voice, and a way to share their learning with the community.  Set up much like the Manaiakalani Project:  http://www.manaiakalani.org/our-story/journey

    What are your experiences with student blogging?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards





  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 11 Jan 2016 4:40pm ()

    Thanks Jess for your feedback.

    I was wondering if you have used 'Google Classroom' at all?  If so which do you prefer.... Hapara or Google Classroom?

    Kind regards, Charlotte


  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 14 Jan 2016 5:53pm ()

    Hi Johnny

    I will have to look into UFB, thank you for raising it.

    So how are you going to develop student voice with their blogs?  What have you been doing to this point?

    This year our kids from years 4-8 will have individual blogs with the aim of developing student voice and agency.  I'm proposing that the parents, student and teacher work together, online & in person, using the blog as a central point to share, discuss and consolidate learning.  

    I see you use google classroom... have you tried using Hapara Dashboard where you can do all that and more?   Hapara Dashboard has a workspace where you can set dates, provide work to view and instruct on what needs to be completed.  You also have access to what they are viewing online, when they are online.  Our school uses Hapara and I have found it helpful as I can get students to collaborate with me or other students using the comment feature.

    This year I am going to use Workspace - I need some training in it though :-)




  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 15 Jan 2016 5:44pm ()

    Hi Johnny

    We are setting up and going with invididual blogs this year from Y4-8.  Currently only some classes have been using blogs.  This year all classes will have a blog as well to record and share student learning with parents and the wider community.

    It sounds like Hapara is very similar to Google Classroom.   

    In regard to collaboration I see many opportunities to develop this with my students, but it comes down to how I set it up.  I have heard a few teachers comment on how a kid can zone out into their own work when working with a 1:1 device.  This is true if the activity is not set up initially as a collaborative one.  Last year I found  that students were more than capable of deciding on what part of the task they would complete as part of a pair or small team (Y5/6 class).  Although, getting them to get it done was another thing!  Having to share a device between two students was a draw back, as inevitability the stronger of the pair would take over.

    This is how I see it rolling out this year with 1:1 devices.  Over half the learning activities I set up need to have a collaborative component to it.  I might have four students (could be bigger or smaller groups) working around the same topic, who each decide on which part they will complete as part of the team.  All parts need to be understood by members in the team as they move forward to ensure they are locating and synthesizing the right material.  So time needs to be set aside where sharing and discussion of learning takes place.  At the end, individually and sometimes as a group, a presentation of their findings would be required to see what connections and new learning took place.  All the collaborative work takes place in one document, which means of course that all students work from this, adding their thoughts, comments and learning.  

    If I want my students to develop and continue to communicate verbally with their peers, I must make time for it and insist on it.  We all know what it is like when we are reading a good book.... hard to put it down. So we must ask the students to stop, assess, reassess and move on.  

    Johnny & Jace how to you encourage your students to communicate with each other?






  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 21 Jan 2016 5:43pm ()

    It will be interesting to see if I find that kids stop communicating with 1:1... will let you know what happens.... but I do think we as teachers have to make time to ensure the kids stop to feedback...  :-)

  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 22 Jan 2016 2:36pm ()

    Definitely more engaged when they both have something to do towards the completion of the task :-)

  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2016 1:55pm ()

    Hi Becks

    Thanks for joining the convo... well definitely check out the links you provided, many thanks :-)


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