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Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

Started by Charlotte Hills 20 Dec 2015 11:39pm () Replies (26)

Looking to connect with others who are successfully using Chromebooks as a way to develop strong student voice.  

Is anyone using individual student blogs as a way to record student voice?

What are some useful apps that can be utilized on Chromebooks to engage learners?   

Or... have you found some flaws using Chromebooks that hinder capturing student voice when using a Chromebook?


  • Katarina Moore (View all users posts) 17 Jan 2016 8:54pm ()


    I used Hapara last year including workspace. Using Hapara makes it easy to have an overview of the students work including gmail and blogs. You don't have this feature with Google classroom. With Hapara Workspace you can easily share tasks/activities with the class or groups of students. In the end of last year I went to a Google classroom workshop. There were some features I liked that I haven't found in Workspace e.g marking of submitted work. I'm planning to use both for different purposes this year. I wouldn't like to be without Hapara though. 

    I had 1:2 last year and it worked well with children collaborating and discussing with each other. However at times, especially during writing I'd prefer it my class had 1:1. I've tried to used it so one student is writing and the other proofread at the same time (they of course continuously discuss what to write) but I find the student who is a proofreader often gets bored and off task. During writing I've had more success with collaboration if they have a shared doc (with their own section) so they can see what their buddies are writing and get ideas from each other.


  • Katarina Moore (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2016 8:55pm ()

    Hi Nicki

    My students share their learning and work on their blogs. It gives the children an authentic audience. During reading, I often incorporate blogging. The students read others blogs and comments. Before we do this I spend time with the class to look at what a quality comment is. This year I'm hoping to encourage more parents to check their kid's blog and post comments. Quadblogging is also a great way to get going with blogging.


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