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Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

Started by Charlotte Hills 20 Dec 2015 11:39pm () Replies (26)

Looking to connect with others who are successfully using Chromebooks as a way to develop strong student voice.  

Is anyone using individual student blogs as a way to record student voice?

What are some useful apps that can be utilized on Chromebooks to engage learners?   

Or... have you found some flaws using Chromebooks that hinder capturing student voice when using a Chromebook?


  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 21 Jan 2016 5:43pm ()

    It will be interesting to see if I find that kids stop communicating with 1:1... will let you know what happens.... but I do think we as teachers have to make time to ensure the kids stop to feedback...  :-)

  • Becksnewton (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2016 12:27pm ()

    HI Charlotte, 

    A great question and some great discussions going on!

    Another way to capture student voice with any device operating in  a GAFE domain is Google Forms. (Here is a link to a great 'start up guide" from Alice Keeler if you are new to forms.

    You can create surveys on any topic, for a huge range of reasons.  You can plan events, get students to book workshops, set a quiz or a follow up activity, or collect other information in an easy way. The great thing about forms is that it collates all responses easily for you. You can get students to provide yourself feedback on how a particular lesson was for them or as a "get to know you" exercise. There are also many ways you could incorporate forms into your teaching but I didn't want to stray too far from the original question about student voice. (If you did want some more ideas, here is a great video from the wonderful Leigh Hynes about using google forms to flip learning!) 

    Good luck with your journey this year!  Sounds like exciting times ahead for you and your students :-) 


  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2016 1:55pm ()

    Hi Becks

    Thanks for joining the convo... well definitely check out the links you provided, many thanks :-)


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