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Transferring Google Drive folders to a personal gmail account

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Started by Lavinia Robyns 14 Dec 2015 3:56pm () Replies (10)

We have a couple of teachers leaving and I need to transfer quite a large number of folders to their new domain or personal gmail. Does Google Apps still not allow a direct transfer of files to a different domain? I can't seem to make this work.  I think I can delete the user and transfer files. Has anyone figured out a smart and efficient way to do this? Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Lavinia


  • Rachel (View all users posts) 14 Dec 2015 4:02pm ()

    Hi Lavinia,

    When you delete an account in google admin it gives you the options to transfer all their info to a different account. You just type the address in and google does it for you.

    I've asked my staff to give me a personal account they would like this transferred to and that seems to have worked no hassles in the past. Maybe do it a little in advance and get them to check in their personal accounts whether some of the files within folder within folders...... are still there because sometimes i've found larger files (music) stored in sub/sub folders don't always carry over.

    Rachel :)


  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 15 Dec 2015 10:14am ()

    Thanks Rachel. That's really helpful. Lavinia

  • Rachel (View all users posts) 14 Dec 2015 4:20pm ()


    They don't get lost, staff would just have to request access from the new personal account when they open the shared resource.

    Alternatively, the staff member can transfer ownership to another staff member. Then they get to keep the resource themselves when they migrate their stuff over, but ownership stays within your school domain so everyone at school still has access.


  • GavinH (View all users posts) 14 Dec 2015 5:10pm ()

    Hi Rachel 

    Does this transfer their sites from the school domain as well?  Gavin




  • Greg Reynolds (View all users posts) 14 Dec 2015 7:53pm ()

    Google best practice recommends archiving old users, teachers and students, never simply deleting them... just move them to archived organisational units with restricted permissions. Users use Google Take out to extract their data which they can easily import into personal google accounts or any new domain.

  • Rachel (View all users posts) 15 Dec 2015 9:10am ()

    Good to know.

    Thanks Greg. 

    That would solve Gavin's query around google sites too then wouldn't it?

    They would still be available within the school domain?

  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 15 Dec 2015 12:42pm ()

    Yes, but the site would not available to the teacher who has left.  They need to make a copy of the existing site and transfer the ownership.


  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 15 Dec 2015 10:14am ()

    Thanks Greg. 

  • Saunil Hagler (View all users posts) 15 Dec 2015 11:01pm ()

    Greg's on the ticket:

    - Google takeout to download .zip of content across your Google services associated with the Google Apps for Edu account. .Zip can then be extracted into new Google account.

    - Blogger posts can be exported as .xml which can then be imported into your new Blogger blog.  Or easier to transfer ownership of blog to new Google account.

    - Google Sites -- Do not export with Takeout.  Add new Google account as an owner, then can COPY the site to new Google account.  Note that gadgets etc may be displaying resources from within the old Google domain, which may not be visible outside of domain.

    - Definitely do not delete previous users accounts, unless absolutely necessary. 

    - Regarding ownership of resources -- Shared Google Drive, Sites etc should be owned by an administrative account rather than individual teachers.  Prevents accidental deletion as well as simplifies responsibilities associated with ownership, especially if people leave the domain.

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