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Brief Update on our Learning December 2015

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Started by Wendy Drewery 04 Dec 2015 2:51pm () Replies (1)

We thought you might be interested in some of our observations so far.

In general schools have been very happy to hear from us and want to get on with the training. We appreciate that schools have been willing to make a time to meet with us, even though it is such a busy time of year.  

  • Each school’s narrative is different and their journey and experiences are unique.
  • There are some amazing leaders of RP in schools– we acknowledge and respect this expertise while considering how we provide support for them.
  • Some schools have really moved ahead, even without much support.
  • We recognise that it is important that we are respectful of the journey so far while being responsive to the needs of schools and how they can further implement RP.
  • We are finding that there is a wide variation of understanding and implementation of relational pedagogy.
  • Nevertheless, the big picture is the same everywhere – Ministry, schools, communities, IPL -  we all want the best outcome for our young people.

Some thoughts that we are taking forward include:

  • We want to support a shift from a pastoral focus of RP to a school culture of respect (including teaching and learning).
  • We want to support schools to integrate PB4L Restorative Practice, not as another initiative but as a coherent part of building “culturally responsive, respectful teaching and learning relationships” alongside other initiatives or programmes.
  • Schools’ shared narratives build the plan for moving forward.

Please feel free to comment - we are interested in your thoughts on all this too.

Ngā mihi from the Team.

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