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Minecraft on Chromebooks

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Started by Rachel 01 Dec 2015 2:48pm () Replies (6)

Has anyone had any luck playing minecraft on chromebooks?

Rachel :)


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2015 3:00pm ()

    Hi Rachel,


    You can use an Android runtime script called 'arc welder' and then download the android version of Minecraft pocket edition.  Thats all we have managed to use so far.  Can still have multiplay sessions with coop building.   Not as good as full version of Minecraft, but thats all we have managed to get to work so far. 

    You can get any Android apk to work so other android apps will also work on ChromeOS..

    (apk = application package)  This LINK should prove helpful.

    By 2017 I believe that android will be fused with ChromeOS, so will become far more powerful... exciting!

  • Rachel (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2015 4:33pm ()


    Thanks Hamish,

    Teacher at our school want to make the most of minecraft and i'm just looking into the logistics of enabling it at school. Would you recommend minecraft edu or getting a server and relying on individual accounts?

  • Rachel (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2015 4:33pm ()

    Teachers* sorry. A fair few of them

  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 07 Dec 2015 3:04pm ()

    Hi Rachel,

    the majority of Minecraft teachers I have been in contact with are using regular Minecraft; I'm all for using real-world tools with children at school. However, when I worked over in Australia, a number of schools had their Minecraft access restricted through via their network administration, and they ended up using Minecraft Edu instead.

    Hope this helps!


  • Rachel (View all users posts) 07 Dec 2015 3:36pm ()

    Thanks Monika!

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