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Teaching in ILE

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Started by Bronwyn Gibbs 21 Nov 2015 10:58am () Replies (4)

Hi everyone,

Next year we are moving into an ILE with 5 teachers for two large "classes". One class / group of students will be Years 1-4 and the other Years 5-8. There will be around 50-60 students in each. I was wondering if any other schools had a similar structure? We can make our team of 5 teachers work however we want to, but I'm not sure the best way to go! Would it be to have 2 teachers for the Y1-4 and 2 teachers for the Y5-8 and a kind of roving teacher that goes in between? If anyone has any ideas / experience / input that would be fantastic!

Thanks very much,

Bronwyn  smiley  


  • Catherine Lynagh (View all users posts) 21 Nov 2015 12:45pm ()

    Our school is being redeveloped next year and will have a similar structure.  As we are not opening up the whole school right away the Year 7/8s are still going to have their own class, but will work with the Year 5/6s some of the time.  We have 7 teachers so there will be 4 in the junior school and 3 in the senior.  I think you would want 3 teachers for 50-60 Year 1-4s.  

    We are also planning to have a new entrant space within the junior block and to use Te Whariki alongside the NZC for our Year 1s.  I'm also keen to hear from other schools with a similar structure, particularly those with a wide age range within each learning space.


  • Carly Kidd (View all users posts) 12 Jan 2016 1:36pm ()

    Hi everyone,

    I agree with Catherine that having 3 teachers in the junior end would be more beneficial, as the students at these levels would need greater support and guidance as they develop the independence and mindset needed to get the most out of the MLE. From the readings and discussions I have had with colleagues about new entrant/ year 1 teaching, I agree that developing your own programmes based on the needs of your students and using Te whariki and the NCZ is also a great suggestion. 

    Best of luck with your journey :)

  • Manny Horua (View all users posts) 17 Jan 2016 11:07pm ()

    We too have explored collaborative planning and teaching and learning at our school.  We are a dual medium school, with a Maori immersion unit that teaches from Years 1-8 and a bilingual unit that caters for Years 1-6.  Although there are two units, we are one school.  

    Our journey began with our two senior immersion classes trialling parallel teaching before merging and moving into one space.  In order to prepare for the impending merge in the bilingual unit,  the two senior bilingual classes trialled working together for Maths , planning together collaboratively using Google docs and slides.   There have been many challenges along the way however it has been great to be able to share ideas and troubleshoot together.

    Other things that have been trialled have been planning across syndicates with Junior and Senior schools planning together, with many opportunities being created for the syndicates to mix.  In previous years there was a very obvious separation between the streams.

    Change has been very scary and challenging for some and it is important to allow colleagues to move at their own pace.  We still have questions , but are tackling possible solutions together, realising that the move is a journey  It has been reassuring and exciting to see that all are excited at what lies ahead for us with the impending new build this year.

    I would love to hear others' experiences in starting out with MLE /ILE also.

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