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Gamification of Self Management

Started by Paul 19 Nov 2015 1:08pm () Replies (4)

Hi Everyone. I'm looking into gamification and badge systems as tools for self management and self directed learning or individualised student programmes.

We operate in collaborative learning hubs and deliver the curriculum through workshops. What I want to create is a self management system where the students can achieve levels, or badges, essentially gamifying self management. Students could operate in teams and build up resources or promotions for their team. Promotions would lead to more freedom to learn outside of the classroom and to pursue areas of interest independently more often. 

Any ideas??


  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 19 Nov 2015 3:20pm ()

    Hi Paul

    Badges can be a really useful tool for motivation.  I can see them working well for incentivising self management provided the criteria was well defined and outlined.  Levelling badges, by having a series of lighter badges that stack to an overall badge, would support your idea of building up to resources/promotion.

    The data sitting behind the badge is the most important aspect of badging so thinking about the criteria, evidence, how badges are awarded (self/peer/teacher) and how evidence of learning is attached to the badge are vital. Other key things to think about is how badges are displayed (ePortfolio, student blogs), the overall ecosystem and how the badges 'fit' together, the design of the badge, how they are introduced and how students can be involved in the badge design and system

    The below visual from Mozilla might help as you think more about badge meta-data.  Also, if you haven't already, you might like to check out some of these badges issued for teacher PL - http://badges.core-ed.org/#/​.  The Connected Educator series of badges level so 3 granular badges lead to the overall Connected Educator badge.

    Really looking forward to this discussion .

    Ngā mihi, Tara


    Mozilla Open Badge Anatomy

  • Paul (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2015 10:12am ()

    Thanks Tara, I really appreciate your feedback, really fantastic!

    A few more thoughts...

    I'm thinking along the lines of an online badge system or a programme like Class Craft or Class Dojo perhaps

    http://www.gamesforchange.org is another site I've looked at

    Some questions I'm asking myself as I plan are, how do I approach the integration of games and badging into the curriculum? Rule number one, the same as with e-learning, what is the function? I want it to be authentic, not a gimic. My aim is encourage strong self management, but make it fun

    What are the dots that I want them to join up as they play, what should they be thinking about?

    What game elements will best address what we're looking for?

    The Metaphor- Where does the game take place? What is the theme? Class craft is an interesting context

    Youtube- The game layer on top of the world- Seth Priebatsch  (This is an interesting clip)


    Has a good badge builder section

    I'm also looking at some sort of badge system for extra curricula activities e.g. participation in sports, speech or drama etc. I'd like to recognise this and encourage the extension of the classroom out into the community.



  • Hannah Hobbs (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2015 8:48am ()



    I am looking at the Feuerstein approach to developing Executive functions.  So going a bit further than self management and looking at the underling competencies which are needed to create and assess and regulate self management.

    Building Learner Dispositions and explicitly teaching executive function skills.

    I really like the idea of gamification of these competencies. Particularly the framework as noted by Tara.  I think that this would be best served as a method of recognition for demonstrated competency at each level of executive functioning...

    I am working on a one-note - collecting my ideas and resources for teaching children about things like growth mindset, neuroplasticity, learning styles etc... At the moment its aimed at the yr 7-10 age group, I would be happy to share / collaborate with anyone else who is thinking along the same lines.


    Cheers to Paul for starting up such an interesting thread!

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