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Workshops and ILP (Innovative Learning Practice) or MLP (Modern Learning Practice

Started by terrywithers 18 Nov 2015 6:46pm () Replies (15)

kia ora I am currently leading a group of teachers in changing the way that we teach and moving towards a ILP - I have heard a lot about workshops, and was wondering if anyone could give me more detail about how they are run.

There is a big focus on ILE but no so much on the practice behind it.  It would be great if teachers who have already changed their practice to support ILE, could share their ideas, successes and mistakes.  Does anyone know of a blog page where someone has already set this up?


  • Christine Te Kiri (View all users posts) 18 Nov 2015 6:59pm ()

    Hi Terry

    I am by no means great at this concept but this is my 2nd year of holding workshops for learners.
    We are a teacher class with 63 students. We have adapted a Learnjng Progress Journal (LPJ) from Alfriston College which holds our learners progressions in. The progressions are found from their data and takes a good 5 to 6 weeks to set up.

    Staff offer workshops based on the progressions. The first 2 terms we teach the skills or knowledge in isolation (sorta) where the kids construct the cintext but we facilitate the skill. The kast 2 terms staff do more content based topics and show how the progressions fit or are used in the workshop.

    Our workshops all follow similar movements.
    1. We explain the progression, clarify any difficult words as they are not always kid speak and check what is it the learner does not understand.
    2. We then clarify and correct misconceptions from phase 1.
    3. We teach the skill or knowledge using a range of tools, modelling, questioining and prompting.
    4. We then explain what sources if evidence they could use to prove they can 'master' the skill for their LPJ.
    5. Then we evaluate and recap, reclarify and restate what the workshop was about and if they have 'got' it.

    Now I dont know if that is what you are after BUT drop us a line. We are at Peachgrove Int in Hamilton.

    Hope this helps lol

  • Christine Te Kiri (View all users posts) 18 Nov 2015 8:22pm ()

    Hey Terry

    Yes all staff in the room run workshops at the same time. We use a google doc for our timetable and print this off at the beginning of the week which I am more than happy to share with you if you would like. We also have students who run workshops as well. There is even a space for them to post potential workshops etc...

    Just email me ctekiri@peachgrove.school.nz I cab send you some stuff to look at.

  • Christine Te Kiri (View all users posts) 19 Nov 2015 9:21am ()




    Hi guys here are two links to the docs I have shared with those who directly emailed me. Just out of interest if any of you are near Hamilton on the 24 Nov we are having a professional networking day. The info is on our website under events/calendar.


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