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21 questions about learner experience

Hi folks,

I thought this blog post might interest you.

It's a 3 minute read that has had me thinking for a lot longer than 3 minutes.

The author, Tom Vander Ark, invites the reader to:

"Think of a kid you care about. Think about the world they will inherit. What do you want them to know and be able to do? Now think about what their learner experience (LX) should be."

He then suggests that "Following are 21 questions that may help: ....

Here is the post with those 21 questions ... Could it help teachers think about innovation? What do you reckon?




  • Denise Johnson (View all users posts) 15 Dec 2015 12:04pm ()

    Thanks Ed for this post - great questions and ones that we will definitely be using with our staff as we explore how we as teachers can respond to students' needs more quickly and efficiently!

  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 02 Feb 2016 4:58pm ()

    Hi Denise,

    Sorry I missed your reply before Xmas, but your enthusiasm is nice to come back to as I catch up after a holiday.

    In the gap did you get the chance to use those questions?

    If so, I'd love to know if they were useful.

    Your response might be useful to other teachers interested in TLIF (regardless of whether you found the questions to be great!  or disappointing ....


    Go well, as 2016 takes off!!


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