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Blogger junior

Started by Eve Jones 30 Oct 2015 11:46am () Replies (13)

Has anyone used the Blogger junior Ap with a junior classroom? I am thinking about downloading the Itunes Ap but would like to know if its worth it?


  • Wendy Parkes (View all users posts) 30 Oct 2015 4:28pm ()

    Hi there

    I use Blogger Junior in our New Entrant class.  We use it for sharing our writing and reading our stories direct to our blogs.  My kids are new to school ( oldest is a July entry) and they are able to do this independently and with ease.  All posts are drafts so I can check them before we post public.  I also find it so easy to use when posting to our class blog when I want to share a class activity.  Go for it - you will use it!  Check out our blog   http://2015frankleyroom5.blogspot.co.nz/ and you can see it being used in action!


  • Wendy Parkes (View all users posts) 02 Nov 2015 8:51pm ()


    Merryl has answered the question re linking the post directly to the blogs - Thanks Merryl!  All our children have to do is find their picture or their name press it  and follow the directions - which are 5yr old friendly!  It is just so easy and so effective! 

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