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I missed out on PLD these last holidays...

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Started by Tessa Gray 19 Oct 2015 5:20pm () Replies (8)

For some of us accessing PLD in the holidays might not be an option. We may be on holiday, on child duties or might not have access to PLD funds to attend conferences like Ulearn. Thank goodness for technology - now we can catch up with PD in our own time.

For example, in the first keynote at Ulearn15, Grant Lichtman talked about some of his educational observations and conclusions after interviewing more than 600 teachers, administrators, students and parents. A summary of his keynote can be found in the Ulearn news bites including graphic illustrations of his story. The video of his presentation can be found in Edtalks and audience participation and interactions in his keynote can be viewed in this shared Google doc and the Twitter stream @ @GrantLichtman and #ulearn15. Other keynote presentations can be found here>>>.

In some cases, the progress in education is just too good an opportunity to miss and becomes national news, like this clip from Prime News on Technology in schools.


Now we don’t have to feel like we’ve missed out, when there’s so much opportunity to either re-visit these learning experiences of access them for the very first time.

Do you have any learning highlights from these past holidays you want to share with others?


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2015 11:28am ()

    Whew, Tony, this is amazing and very extensive. THANK YOU! I've been diving in to these resources already, so very useful indeed. We really don't have to miss out on PLD in the holidays or any days for that matter smiley

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 28 Jan 2016 2:33pm ()
    I had to watch Grant Lichtman Edtalks video again today, very inspiring. 
    In it he talks about…
    The world is changing! With over 4 billion cellphone users, just about everyone (especially in the future) can access basic knowledge anywhere/anytime. As teachers, if we don't do something soon we'll become irrelevant - we need to more than transferrers of knowledge. 
    He invited us to ask...questions like .....
    What will innovation look like for us in our classrooms this year?
    How much time will our students experience learning outside of school?
    How much % of time will our students sit passively in the classroom?
    How much of the curriculum will be presented as part of interdisciplinary learning opportunities?
    How often will our students get to ideate, prototype and create in open-ended learning contexts?
    How connected will we and our students be - with other teachers/learners beyond our classrooms/schools this year?
    At the beginning the presentation he challenged us with a 30 sec task...What is that 'one word we want our school to represent this year?' or 'what do we want our school to reek of'?
    Enter your one word below >>>

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