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Collaborative Practice - mixing up the way we do things

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Started by Kim Proffit 06 Oct 2015 1:37pm () Replies (4)


I am a team leader with 7 New Entrant / Year One classes currently working within 2 ILE's.  This will be our third term in and now that the dust has settled,  we are quite keen as a team to carry out an inquiry into what effective collaborative practice looks like and experiment a bit for Term 4.  We work closely together now,  in that our classes are all mixed together and streamed for Literacy and Numeracy.  We teach in 5 week blocks so after a term and a half we have worked with each child in the ILE in Reading, Writing and Maths. Needless to say we have to collaborate with planning & are in constant communication to keep track of all the students etc.  I guess most of what we do is parallel teaching though.  I am looking for any suggestions of readings / resources / academia that my team can do a bit of research from first, before planning and experimenting with our practice to really make the most of the spaces and learning opportunities for the students.

Thanks :-)


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