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2nd piece of good news for a Friday - new members

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Started by Ed Strafford 18 Sep 2015 1:16pm () Replies (3)


Last time I looked we were up to 89 members in this group, it is great to see it steadily growing.

Today, my colleagues in the TLiF team have also sent an invitation to join this group to all 40 teams in the 2015 TLiF cohort

I reckon that this has the potential to spark up some really useful discussions between existing TLiF teams, and also among the folks who are already 'in' TLiF and teachers who are keen to be part of the 2016 round.

We hope you enjoy each others' wisdom and enthusiasm, whether in this main group - or, if you prefer in other groups you might set up in the VLN.

Go well, Ed






  • Stephen Wood (View all users posts) 19 Sep 2015 7:15am ()

    Hi Ed

    We were a successful cluster down here on the West Coast. Our 'puzzle'  succinctly inquires into the what's currently happening in regards to engagement with parents, family and whanau, our learners and teachers. Our cluster of schools are spread wide (part of our puzzle) and isolation is factor. If anyone requires advice for this years round i'm happy to help. 


  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 21 Oct 2015 3:53pm ()

    Hi Stephen,

    Your kind offer to help other people who are interested in this year's round is wonderful.

    Equally, the topic your team is grappling with does seem crucial. As you say, even more so if isolation is a factor.

    Because both your project description and your offer to help are likely to be highly interesting to others, I've taken the liberty of copying your post into the most recent thread.

    That thread is entitled What are kinds of projects are schools from Phase One of TLIF working on? 

    I'm hoping the discussion will grow further, and faster, in that thread.

    Thanks again Stephen, go well!


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