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Chromebook management question.

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Started by Craig Wilkinson 14 Sep 2015 8:55pm () Replies (11)

Our school has previously purchased Chromebooks from a supplier with the Chrome device management as part of the package.  They are excellent and easy to use and we want to purchase 40 more.

The question is do we need the Chrome device management? It cost about $90 more per Chromebook to have it and we were wondering if it was essential.   We can pick up Chromebooks from retailers for under $300 but they don't come with the management system and I don't know if they include the Google Apps for Education licence.

Has anyone purchased multiple Chromebooks without Chrome device management? 

Any thoughts would be helpful.



  • Steve Lydford (View all users posts) 15 Sep 2015 7:04am ()

    Shop around, I just enrolled 22 devices at $40 each. I'm also interested to hear about good apps to install.



  • Heather Harper (View all users posts) 15 Sep 2015 10:09am ()

    We have approx 100 chromebooks and are managing them ourselves. Have given each chromebook a static IP address and hoping that will help. It is a bit of a trial so we will see how we go. Have been doing this since beginning of this term and so far so good.


  • Carmen Marshall (View all users posts) 15 Sep 2015 10:21am ()

    We have had 44 Chromebooks out in the school since the start of the year under no management and have had no problems. What is different  when they are "managed"

    Thanks Carmen

  • Mark Edwards (View all users posts) 15 Sep 2015 10:35am ()

    I have to weigh in here, the management license allows you change settings through the console and push out to chromebooks, like push out apps to users.Snippet from Google Help page

    Chrome device management allows administrators to manage their organization's Chrome devices from a single place. With Chrome device management, organizations can configure Chrome features for their users, set up Chrome device access to VPNs and WiFi networks, force install Chrome apps and extensions, and more.

    Administrators can apply each setting to an organizational unit or the entire organization. Most settings provide the option of enforcing a particular configuration or letting the user choose. For example, administrators can specify a standard home page for their users or allow users to set their own home pages.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 15 Sep 2015 10:42am ()

    Having the Chromebook Management Console can be really useful.

    Have a look at it what it can do in this link.


  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 15 Sep 2015 9:19pm ()

    Hey Craig,

    Someone is pulling your leg charging $90 for the console! I recently received quotes from 5 different suppliers for Chromebooks and all quoted $40 - 45 for the console.

    From my experience, most of the features in the 'Management console' guide that Allanah has posted are available without the paid Management console by using the User settings within the (free) Admin Console. I know that when I change default wallpaper and push out Apps and extensions changes are instant for our student owned Chromebooks (not on Management console) and school-owned Chromebooks (on management console).

    However...one 'insurance' feature that I believe makes the console worth the $40 is the tracking. All serial numbers are recorded and notes can be entered against devices - such as teacher name. If a Chromebook is ever stolen, you can remotely lock it down, so that no one can log into it, and create a message that gets displayed when it is turned on - please return this Chromebook, children use it for their learning!

    Hope this helps!





  • Miriam Tuohy (View all users posts) 27 Oct 2015 11:18am ()

    Quick question - am I right in thinking that if our school using GAFE then we can enrol and manage Chromebook devices uses the admin management console for our domain, and don't need to pay for separate management console licences for our Chromebooks?


    Many thanks,


  • Clive Francis (View all users posts) 27 Oct 2015 11:55am ()

    Hi Miriam

    Yes, your teachers and students can still use the Chromebooks without you needing to purchase the separate licenses.

    However, there are advantages to having the licenses. Among other things, the Chrome Management Licence allows an administrator to:

    • Track the usage of the Chromebook (eg time spent in use, who last used it)

    • Manage who can log-in to a Chromebook (eg guest, school accounts only)

    • Configure wireless, printing and other technical settings

    • Track the serial numbers of the Chromebooks for asset management


    For a list of all the settings that the Chrome Management License enables, visit the Manage Device Settings Google Support page.


    Without the license, the Admin Console still enables the management of the users' experience such as:

    • Automatically loading Apps and Extensions

    • Adding Bookmarks for users

    • Specifying the homepage or tabs to load at start-up

    • Specifying the Chromebook desktop wallpaper

    • Enabling or disabling Chrome Browser features, such as “incognito mode”, guest login, etc.



  • Greg Reynolds (View all users posts) 17 Nov 2015 5:16pm ()

    A Chrome Management Console license entitles the Chromebook to support directly from Google and features like auto-domain complete (auto-complete school logins ...@abc.school.nz) save precious learning minutes in class.


    CMC saves schools more than it's cost in time and money spent deploying and managing and tracking school-owned devices over the years - or time helping students with BYOB/ChromeDevice get on school wireless - and it's a one-off cost (perpetual license) not an annual license fee like other Mobile Device Management solutions, most of which are more than $40 per annum.





  • Greg Reynolds (View all users posts) 17 Nov 2015 5:21pm ()

    Schools or communities of schools purchasing 250+ Google Chrome Management Console licenses before 31 Dec 2015 are entitled to free onsite PLD from Google Edu team worth $2k - special offer for NZ & Australia only.

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