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Collaborative Teaching

Started by Tracey Janes 09 Sep 2015 8:11pm () Replies (4)

I am interested to know how collaborative teams are 'selected' or formed  in schools. Are the teachers given a choice / say in which other teachers they work with? Is it a management decision? Is it common practice to put teachers who are very alike together or teachers whose pedagogies (or cultures, or experience or whatever...) differ? Keen to know what has been tried and is / is not successful.


  • Neill O'Reilly (View all users posts) 10 Sep 2015 10:54am ()

    Hi Tracey,

    I looked at this for my study this term (thesis and fellowship) what the findings show:

    • 100% of teachers had input into their 'team' for the next year
    • Leaders looked at a range of variables including, student needs, the skills of teachers, the experience of teachers, the team work attributes they bring (many use HBDI or Belbin), relationships between teachers and the need to challenge or support teachers
    • 98% of teachers agreed that while they should have a say (and 100% of management agreed with this) that ultimately management / leadership should decide as they have the 'bigger picture'
    • Most schools do not want a whole lot of 'alikes' in a space as it is not in the best interests of the children (one of the many reasons for collaborative teaching is to give students multiple perspectives of the curriculum and for students to have access to a range of strengths, interests, passions, personalities and abilities)

    Once in teams relationship, through quality communication and a shared understanding of the vision, values and beliefs of the school (especially in relation to collaborative teaching, student centred learning, use of digital tools to enable teaching and learning, use of space, shared responsibility for all learners...) are the most important things to consider as the team develops.

    Hope this helps


  • Stuart Priddy (View all users posts) 13 Sep 2015 8:15pm ()

    Is anyone happy to share their agreement or expectations for staff when working in a collaborative space? Thanks. Stuart

  • Tamara Bell  (View all users posts) 14 Sep 2015 9:45am ()

    Hi Stuart,

    Cheryl Doig shared this with us last week as part of a session around collaboration.  She was shared this from Peachgrove Intermediate up north and they said they were happy for her to share with others so I am sure she won't mind sharing it here.  I thought it was an awesome resource that allowed for teachers to individually complete and then come together as a team to share their placements and reasons for them.  This obviously allows for great, in-depth professional discussions to happen around how they team wants to work together and what hopefully will lead to them be able to design some team expectations that take everyones personal preferences into consideration.  Hope it helps!


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