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Sustainable Strategies: Integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice | Kōrero 14 2015

Resources and Discussion through the Years

Use these resources and Korero to gain a clear picture of leadership of e-learning planning over the past three years.

  • Using the e-Learning Planning Framework – this is useful in guiding us through the use of the e-LPF
  • The e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF) online tool is live for all schools/kura on the Enabling E-Learning  (EEL) site with full instructions and support material. Once you have created your account you can then manage your schools surveys within the e-Learning Planning Framework online tool. The MMeLPF /te Rangitukutuku (Maori Medium eLPF) tool is also available as a download on EEL.
  • Korero from Previous Years

>>> 2014 Integration of Technologies across the School Community – Korero 14

>>> 2013 Leadership and Strategic Planning for e-Learning – Korero 14

>>> 2012 The e-Learning Planning Framework – how and Why to Use it? – Korero 16

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2015 Korero 14: Sustainable strategies: integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice

During the last three years the discussion in this strategic Korero has focused on leadership learning about the e-Learning Planning Framework and how to use it. (See just above)

We think this year’s NAPP cohort is stepping past this level of understanding and needs to focus on teaching/learning transformations that are going on as school leaders apply inquiry learning and use the e-LPF. 

Professional learning using teacher inquiry

In this Enabling e-Learning video, Chris Allen, principal of Sacred Heart Girls' College, and Mike Wilson, ICT cluster director, share why they chose to use a teacher inquiry model as a focus for professional learning and why that approach has been so successful.


2015 Korero 14


Leadership inquiry and use of the e-Learning Planning Framework should fit well together.

  • Use the elements of leadership inquiry and the e-Learning Planning Framework to support discussion on how they have in specific instances brought or are bringing about transformative change to teaching and or leadership practice
  • Explain how specific parts of the inquiry cycle, shown below, and the e-Learning Planning Framework have worked together for you and your school

Inquiry cycle

 Source: Inclusive Education Guides for Schools  - original source Timperley: Teacher Professional Learning and Development.

Follow the link and look under Plan and Lead Inclusive Practices, Transitions and Pathways.


Also see:


  • lizzy (View all users posts) 15 Nov 2015 3:47pm ()

    I too was interested in the schools I heard about during the NAPP conference that were ahead of where our school is. 

    I find although we are moving forward and definitely developing in this area we don't have a long term goal or strategic plan.  I can prove challenging to move forward when this is seen as acceptable.  For us working toward getting this type of plan and steps in place is essential so we all move forward. We too are working on building teacher capability and have made goo progress in this area.  We need to dedicate more time for teachers to embed what they learn so it is not something they use for a short time and then drops off. 

  • lizzy (View all users posts) 15 Nov 2015 4:01pm ()

    Developing teacher pedagogy must happen or else the tools will not necessarily be used effectively in the classroom.  I have had a student this year who has had access to an i-pad for writing time.  He had sole use of it so was always available.  What a huge change it made to his approach to writing -gone ways the terrified scared face and a happy smiling face replaced it.  He became motivated and although initially was slow at typing he persevered and stayed on task.  He used Word Q which supported his spelling.  I also let him choose his own writing topic most times and this too had an effect.  The change in the quality and the quantity of his writing has improved so much -exciting to see.  He needed verbal response rather than on-line so this was what we did.  Developing systems that work for teachers and individuals is indeed a challenge that will continue for all of us

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e-Learning: Leadership

e-Learning: Leadership

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