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Year groups in MLE

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Started by Bronwyn Gibbs 06 Sep 2015 2:44pm () Replies (4)

Kia ora tatou, 

Our school is rebuilding 4 classrooms for next year, so there will be two large MLE / ILEs with 2 teachers and 50-60 students in each. I was wondering what others think of which year levels work well together? What have your experiences been? 

Any input / thoughts / ideas would be fantastic! 

Bronwyn Gibbs



  • Neill O'Reilly (View all users posts) 06 Sep 2015 8:11pm ()

    Kia ora Bronwyn,

    Any year levels work well together, and also none do... depends on teachers, attitudes, student needs...

    For example some schools have 3-4 learning studios with Y1-6 in each, others have two year groups, others have three, really depends. What I would suggest is that having a single year group means schools are missing one of the powerful possibilities and benefits of collaboration



  • Larissa Goebel (View all users posts) 06 Sep 2015 8:30pm ()

    I have year 1 - 2. Lots of great year 2's but very low year 1's. Three classes. You will have to change lessons up a lot to suit. A straight year 2 would be amazing for MLE. You will end up streaming if your not careful.  Working with two others is a really blessing tho, great ideas, resources pulling and fun.

  • Mark Osborne (View all users posts) 08 Sep 2015 9:58am ()

    Kia ora Bronwyn,

    Always good to look at the research that sits behind these ideas in addition to scanning people's personal experiences. The research I'm familiar with for composite classes supports Neill's point that it can make a difference if teacher practice takes advantage of the opportunity.

    Where there has been an improvement in outcomes for learners, it is seen particularly across reading, writing and maths (maths in particular) but crucially in increased 'pro-social' behaviour (the opposite of anti-social behaviour). There's obviously the culturally-responsive consideration- that whanau-based groupings, ako, tuakana-teina relationships etc. are particularly advantageous to Maori and pasefika learners.

    So some good reasons to explore the idea!


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