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Creating Youtube channels for blogging

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Started by Jenny Dymond 31 Aug 2015 3:36pm () Replies (3)

Hi there,

I am wanting some help/advice on creating youtube accounts and channels fro our school.  We want to be able to embed videos into our blog posts and have been told that we need to set up a youtube account.  I have looked into this and I can tell it must be linked to a g-mail account (school email account).  We are not sure whether to set up an admin type email address that the whole school uses or use already exisitng class gmail addresses. What do other people do please??


  • Sheryl Nagels (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2016 11:36am ()

    Hi Jenny

    You have probably made some decisions about this since you put up this post so I'm interested in your thinking? We are in exactly this position at the moment. We have used Blogger for years for class blogs and want to use the Easy Blog for Blogger app to enable easy student posting to blogs. But all video is hosted on youtube and the youtube logo is live on the blog so anyone can go to the video and share it from there. We have previously used Vimeo to upload our videos to and embedded into blogs from there so it is a head shift for us. Do we or don't we? Currently youtube is available in our school but kids are not allowed on it unless a teacher directs them there so it would just be about continuing to enforce this 'rule'. It's the ethical issue of control of your content that is a challenge for me. Do I just need to get over it? Moving to an Edublog or Wordpress blog that has the functionality/control we want will cost big dollars.

    So what did you decide?

  • Jenny Dymond (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2016 7:36pm ()

    Hi Sheryl,

    I have got a little further down the line of decisions.  Each of our Senior classes have a you tube account (as it part of GAFE)  I have successfully uploaded the videos from I pads to our you tube channel and then embedded them into our class blog from there.  The privacy settings of each of the videos prevent them from being searchable by anybody else via you tube.  I have also recently uploaded videos to our class Google Drive successfully and created links in our class blog to them also.  Either way works just fine.

    Hope that helps / answers any questions

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