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Pakirehua: Teacher Inquiry with a Māori world view

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Started by Tessa Gray 17 Aug 2015 4:33pm () Replies (2)

Educators in New Zealand are now more aware of 'Teaching as Inquiry' and all teachers are dedicated to addressing ways for Māori to achieve success as Māori. Sometimes there can be a disconnect between these two world-views and an opportunity missed – that could have made all the difference to Māori achievement.

What is pakirehua?

"From a Māori perspective Inquiry/Pakirehua has always been and is what we’ve always done, it's part of our DNA. Ancestors, tipuna show the way for us; their stories, experiences and knowledge are a natural part of understanding how we (as Māori) inquire, are curious and solve problems.” Tammy Gardiner and Marama Reweti-Martin http://www.tetoitupu.org/teaching-inquiry-using-m%C4%81ori-world-view

Introducing pakirehua

In this webinar, Tammy Gardiner and Marama Reweti-Martin (Te Toi Tupu Consortium, Assessment, Management and Tumuaki projects) share a Māori perspective of Inquiry or Pakirehua, where kura have been actively engaged in cycles of inquiry, which has resulted in deliberate acts of facilitation and teaching to improve student achievement. Some of the successful shifts have happened over a very short period of time.

Shifts in korero

Image taken from http://www.tetoitupu.org/teaching-inquiry-using-m%C4%81ori-world-view

What happened, that dramatically changed the results for both kaiako (teachers) and akonga (learners)? Come and join us in a live webinar, this Wednesday, 3.45pm to find out more. REGISTER HERE >>>

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  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2015 11:05am ()

    Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting Tammy Gardiner and Marama Reweti-Martin (Te Toi Tupu) in a webinar about Pakirehua. You can watch the full webinar recording here >>>

    Tammy and Marama gave us some food for thought around the whakapapa of Pakirehua, they enlightened us with some understandings about the research that sits behind a Māori world view of inquiry and shared stories of success - where kaiako have adopted knowledge building processes in their own learning contexts to help accelerate achievement for Māori students. You can see the full presentation here >>>

    If you attended this webinar, we'd love to hear your thoughts and wonderings. smiley Please feel free to add your comments below.

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