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Can a school have a centralised school owned Google Drive?

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Started by Carmen Marshall 13 Aug 2015 10:42am () Replies (19)

Hi there
As a school we have many docs which we would like to have saved in a school owned Google Drive, not in a staff members drive. 

As most schools we have teachers/admin staff coming and going and getting copies or changing the ownership of docs can be a pain. So what we would like to do is set up a drive everyone can have access to. Is this possible?

Thanks Carmen Marshall


  • Lynne Crowe (View all users posts) 15 Aug 2015 5:37pm ()

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Just a few more questions - there may be easy obvious answers to these which my tired brain can't quite get to grips with at present.

    Most of our folders contain Word files which I have now uploaded to the main account. If I share these with editing rights (we want teachers to be able to make their own changes to many of the files) will any changes they make affect everyone's files? Or is it easier to share via the link so that they have to then add the folder to their drive? Or does somebody have another suggestions?



  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 16 Aug 2015 2:27pm ()

    Hi Lynne,

    Once you open a word file in docs, google creates its own version thats editable via docs.  So you will have two files.    .docx  and then the google doc file.

    What I would do, is share the docs file with the user, then they can make their own copy and rename it, and make changes.  So then they have their own copy of the file.  

  • Lynne Crowe (View all users posts) 16 Aug 2015 3:19pm ()

    Thanks Hamish.

    I am sharing folders rather than individual files. My main concern is with the couple of teachers who will just go ahead and make changes to a file before making a copy.

    I am now thinking that since all files are word files, and anyone I've shared the folder/s with will have to download or make a copy, that this won't be an issue and that I can everyone editing rights to all the files within each folder rather than just viewing rights. Am I right?

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 16 Aug 2015 3:37pm ()

    As they are word files, as soon as someone opens it to make changes, drive will create a new file in its own doc format.  So you original will still be there in word format.

    Have a go.  Open a file, and you'll see that drive creates a file with the exact same file name, but its in doc format.   This only happens when its a format drive can't edit.  It wont happen when someone opens an existing drive file.  

  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 16 Aug 2015 8:43pm ()

    Another thing to consider is backing up your "whole staff" account or all of your staff accounts. 

    Reason being that if everyone has edit rights then the doc/folder can be deleted (as far as I believe) and there is no way to back it up. Even if you run google drive and it syncs to local storage it will not be recoverable because of the sync and often the deletion is detected to late to recover out of the bin.

    Spanning Backup is an external service that (amazon I think) that backs up all files and makes them recoverable if deleted.

    Just an extra thought

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