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Reading Levels

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Started by Karrie 12 Aug 2015 5:25pm () Replies (27)

Hi everyone,

I have a class of now Year 1s as the children started in Term 2.  I was wondering what reading level is expected - is it yellow by 6 months of school in order to meet the Nat Standard of green? Also, can someone tell me when it comes to running records at this early stage (magenta and red), what do any teachers out there do? Do you test them using the current reading book? When they have read that well, do you then use an unseen text to determine whether they move up to the next level? I found that testing some readers today on the their seem texts they read them well, but when testing using an unseen text, they made lots of mistakes even with little words like (at, it).  In phonics we are working on stage 2, and Im still trying to get through the testing to find out who is ready to move on and how Im going to manage this, as Im wondering if this is the reason the children aren't performing better? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.


  • Frances McCarthy (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2016 10:08am ()

    We recently changed the way we have done it too, I was concerned that for the 6 year net that we were inflating the reading age by not including comprehension, also that the PM Benchmarks did not reflect what the child could do with a seen text at the lower levels, while also recognising that for a lot of our students the 'rich vocabulary' of RtR was too hard unless they had had repeated discussions and exposure to the text.

    For anniversary and mid anniversary testing we decided to use seen text with comprehension for levels 1- 14, then PM Benchmarks for levels 15 -20, then Probe for higher levels. We have just started this and need to meet and reflect on how it has gone this term to see if there are any refinements to be made.  

  • Kim L (View all users posts) 22 Apr 2017 7:38am ()

    Hi Karrie.  I was interested to see that you test children reading, at levels on the colour wheel, with unseen text.  We had a lady (sorry can't remember name) who had helped establish standards talk at A Taranaki reading association  gathering, she said that this was not appropriate. This was news to me too, but I think it makes sense.  There's no denying the difference in data.  

  • Ania (View all users posts) 23 Apr 2017 10:07pm ()

    Hi Jude.  ! am new to year 0 and your Reading Wedue assessment would be very much apprecited if you wouldn't mind forwarding it to me also.


    Kind regards, Ania

  • Elaine H (View all users posts) 24 Apr 2017 7:17am ()

    I am also very interested in this discussion. I have noticed in my class that I am getting more children starting later (i.e. 4 to 6 months after their 5th birthday) and that generally they tend to be more ready for reading and writing. I don't know if this is a developmental thing?

    Another thing that interests me is that some schools use Ready to Read books for testing whereas we use PM books. There is quite a difference in the level of difficulty between these two types of books, and is it comparable with regard to National Standards if a child is reading at Green on a PM book or a Ready to Read book? 

    Jude, I would be interested in your wedge graph if you would share it with me as well please. My email is: elaineh@stpatstaupo.school.nz



  • Catherine Lynagh (View all users posts) 24 Apr 2017 8:52am ()

    We changed to using Ready to Reads for assessment because the National Standards specify Ready to Reads.  I think if you want to use PMs you would need to do some comparisons and see which level of PM books matches up with Green 1 in Ready to Read, then use that as your benchmark.  

    We also switched from Probe to School Journals for assessing reading with the older kids.

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