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Reading Levels

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Started by Karrie 12 Aug 2015 5:25pm () Replies (27)

Hi everyone,

I have a class of now Year 1s as the children started in Term 2.  I was wondering what reading level is expected - is it yellow by 6 months of school in order to meet the Nat Standard of green? Also, can someone tell me when it comes to running records at this early stage (magenta and red), what do any teachers out there do? Do you test them using the current reading book? When they have read that well, do you then use an unseen text to determine whether they move up to the next level? I found that testing some readers today on the their seem texts they read them well, but when testing using an unseen text, they made lots of mistakes even with little words like (at, it).  In phonics we are working on stage 2, and Im still trying to get through the testing to find out who is ready to move on and how Im going to manage this, as Im wondering if this is the reason the children aren't performing better? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.


  • Jane Macdonald (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2015 6:50pm ()

     If children are reading at yellow level after 20 weeks at school they should then go on to be reading green after 40 weeks. Children need to move up a level approx every 3 weeks and then they should get to green at 6 yrs of age. We track our students weekly on a wedge graph and students can have 6 weeks at emergent(if needed to establish 1 to 1) and go on to make green.All running records should be taken on text that has been seen once. If the text is taken in a guided lesson one day and then a running record the following day, you should see what your readers are doing.We work on phonics daily and do a mixture of Yolanda Soryl and Literacy Evolution ideas from Jo Makison (Richmond school..Hawkes Bay). This includes letter/sound work and also High Frequency word writing. Thats what we are doing.



  • Karrie (View all users posts) 24 Aug 2015 6:41pm ()

    Thankyou for the response Jane ;-) 

  • Catherine Lynagh (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 4:55pm ()

    I think Yellow level (if you are using Ready to Read books for assessment) is quite high for 20 weeks.  If children are at Red 2 or 3 on the Ready to Read books I feel confident they will be at Green by the end of the year.  

  • Jude Mccormick (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 7:32pm ()

    Karrie all children are different and progress at a different pace. I have a child on 20 weeks who is reading at level 21 and another child on 20 weeks who is reading at level 4. Like Jane we track our children on a reading wedge graph and this quickly tells you whether a child is beginning to slip behind. After twenty weeks a child with  no learning difficulties should be moving toward yellow. They should be moving into red by week 7/8. If you give me your email address i can mail you a copy of the reading wedge we use. It records the classes reading levels and then transfers that into a live graph. So easy to track who is slipping behind.

  • Vanessa Phillips (View all users posts) 19 Dec 2016 1:23pm ()

    Hi Jude, I am moving into new entrants and your wedge graph sounds like a great tool for monitoring NE reading progress. Are you able to email a copy to vanessa@wilford.school.nz



  • Karrie (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 7:40pm ()

    Hi ladies ;-) Thanks everyone for your response to my question.  I am interested to see what opinions are out there regarding this. It seems opinions are varied.  If you have to report on whether children are on track to meet standard, its helpful to get an idea of the level the child should be at after 6 months.  Jude my email is karrie.bryce@fendalton.school.nz.

    Thanks so much ;-)

  • Angelee Jarrett (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 7:40pm ()

    Hi Jude 

    I would be interested in seeing your wedge graph as well if you do not mind sharing with one more!

    My email address is angelee.jarrett@st-marks.school.nz

    We use Google Spreadsheets for tracking but am always up for new ideas.

    Many thanks


  • raywyn wright (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 7:41pm ()

    I agree with Jude, all children progress at different rates. Jude could I please have a copy of the reading wedge tracker. My email address is raywyn.wright@isleworth.school.nz.





  • Jude Mccormick (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 7:45pm ()

    Sure - it may not be until tomorrow. I'll send the template and my own class so you can see how it works. 

  • Marnel van der Spuy (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 7:47pm ()

    I have been following this discussion, started by Karrie with interest! 

    Thank you to all the ideas and responses! Jude, your reading wedge graph sounds like a fab way to track students! Would you be willing to share it with me as well, please? My email: marnel@broadlands.school.nz



  • Sue Morgan (View all users posts) 18 Oct 2015 8:02pm ()

    I am interested in following this discussion as well

    We use a general rule that it is yellow by 20 weeks to meet the standard. Obviously some children exceed this and others don't get there but generally yellow is where we aim for.

    Jude, would you be willing to share your wedge graph with me as well please. I am interested in how it works. My email is: smorgan@normandale.school.nz

    Thank you


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