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Personalising PLD using social networks

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Started by Nathaniel Louwrens 12 Aug 2015 3:08pm () Replies (6)

As teachers we are always looking for ways to improve our practice. Every day we have opportunities to reflect and inquire further into our practice. We end up with many questions and often want a quick response or someone else to bounce ideas off of. 

There are so many places to get this type of personalised support now, starting with right here in the Enabling e-Learning groups within the VLN, Pond, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Hangouts (eg. TeachMeetNZ) and more!

Some of these spaces provide opportunity for in-depth discussion and sharing of resources (eg. VLN), while others offer opportunity for quick comments/thoughts (eg. Facebook). 

We are privileged to have a webinar this afternoon looking at how we can use social networks to personalise PLD. Sonya van Schaijik from TeachMeetNZ and Danielle Myburgh from edchatNZ will be sharing some of their thoughts, experiences and plans for further PLD in these spaces.

What social networks do you use for your personalised PLD? What do you like about them?

How has social media given you greater opportunity to learn and connect around education?


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