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Started by Shaun Cantwell 09 Aug 2015 8:50pm () Replies (3)

Maybe MLEs are not just the physical components eg buildings, classrooms etc; or the method eg ICT usage - but may also include "the Environment" in all its facets. We are experimenting with our classroom including the Fiordland National Park, a local park and so on. We can theme or contextualise the learning far better by using other areas around us and viewing the school as just a hub.


  • Mark Osborne (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2015 9:57am ()

    Kia ora Shaun,

    You're right- if we limit our thinking to the physical buildings (walls, doors, windows, space) we miss the opportunity to think about the wider learning ecosystem- outdoor environment (situated, or place-based learning), the community (school as 'basecamp') the socio-cultural context and virtual learning environments.

    Here's a link to the CORE Education MLE Planning Matrix which identifies a range of different elements that need to be considered when exploring learning environments including networks and connections with the community.


  • Norrie Mailer (View all users posts) 11 Aug 2015 11:45am ()

    Kia ora Shaun, all,

    Sometimes the 'obvious' is the hardest thing to 'C'.

    I hear a lot around "new environments", new working practices, integrated/blended learning, eLearning and so on, in my daily role working with schools. I C traditional and MLE classrooms, learning models, digital integration which all have their part to play. I still C however, 'old models' interpreting 'new dynamics' pretty frequently, apparently, with little plan to move beyond 'substitution' (not all cases I must stress).

    If the 21st C-entury learner is to be prepared for a life and work environment beyond an industrial age 'go-somewhere-to-work-to-produce-something', then the physical environment plays only a part in the 21st     C-entury Learners' (and teacher's) role.

    The biggest change I C necessary is what I 'C' in Change: The change in thinking; the change in where to learn; the change in when to learn; the change in how and what to learn. The student...the learner...is now the 'C-lass', wherever, whenever and however that is. It is the Change that appears to be as much the fearful aspect of the 'new environment' as the aesthetics of the physical environment. Make no mistake, I agree the physical environment is important without doubt; before the change happens, we need to be that C-hange within ourselves.


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