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Started by Cyndi Kruijer 30 Nov 2010 8:49pm () Replies (4)

How do you know what you dont know?  I find ICT exciting and frustrating because just when I think I know what I need to know it all changes!  There is something else to know.  I use Facebook, Twitter, blogger, google reader to try to keep informed but often information overload!  What I need to know is what will help me to be a better teacher and how do I access what I need to know.  This is just a reflection and I hope will help to start a discussion.  Wink


  • Tim Young (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2010 10:13am ()

    We can't know everything, so the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle applies. We need to know what both the students and our real needs are & then find the best way of meeting them - basically do fewer things well rather than always trying to keep up and use the latest thing. I'm trying to develop an ICT plan that focuses on the principles of word processing, spreadsheeting, blogs, presenting etc I figure if you are clear about the purpose & understand the principles then there is a good chance the process & product will be up there. Then it is a matter of choosing the best programme/tool from what you know or searching for one, I find alot of web  is kinda similar in a lot of aspects.

    I guess it is somewhere in between what you & I have said Cyndi, I have 5 or 6 key blogs that I read regularly and that is it. Once I've looked at these, checked school blogs & wikis it is time to go and hang out with the family well away from a computer!

    What a rambling natter of jumbled thoughts - need to work on that!!Undecided

  • jim t (View all users posts) 28 Jan 2011 11:03am ()

    can't you find a photo of a bigger fish?

  • Cyndi Kruijer (View all users posts) 05 Dec 2010 1:25pm ()

    I like what you are saying, ‘do fewer things well rather than always trying to keep up and use the latest thing’. I have had a class blog for quite a while now and have used KISS principle to keep it purposeful; the kids have ownership and use it daily because it links into our classroom learning.

    I attended the receint IWB Hub meeting, pedagogy and sharing was a theme. 

    On reflection, my new entrant class 6 years ago I ran an online elearning environment on an interact platform as this was before bloging.  Parents, whom many were working parents, were supportive, as this had made it possible for them to interact and participate in their child’s learning in a different way.  My Principal at the time was techno phobic but he also participated and posted comments that the children thought was pretty cool! Now with Year 3 the kids are posting onto the blog, emailing their storywriting to their parents for feedback, posting comments onto the other school blogs and commenting and giving feedback to the QPS news team. Simple and basic sharing but are helping to develop the children’s digital literacies. 

    At the IWB Hub meeting I managed to make a geek of myself by getting excited about the possibility of using Facebook as a sharing idea.  It went down like a ton of bricks but this could be an opportunity to learn about Facebook and use it in a purposeful context.  Negative or the unknown often cloud possible learning opportunities.  Keep an open mind, question, reflect and share.  This VLN is a safer option, similar in some aspects too and it also posts directly into your email.

    Please, go on, have a ramble! Wink

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