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5 Highly Effective Teaching Practices

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Started by Tessa Gray 03 Aug 2015 11:18am () Replies (2)

I love any article that starts with a number! This blog post, 5 Highly Effective Teaching Practices succinctly summaries John Hattie's findings on what really matters when it comes to effective teaching and learning from, Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

  1. Teacher Clarity

  2. Classroom Discussion

  3. Feedback

  4. Formative Assessments

  5. Metacognitive Strategies


  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 22 Sep 2015 8:05pm ()

    Some effective practices I have used myself as a teacher, or more recently seen in the classroom when I go in to make videos showing how teachers are using digital technologies to support learning and teaching, are listed below.

    Teacher Clarity & Feedback

    Purpose, learning goals, and explicit criteria on how students can be successful are part of:

    • a student's must do can do list.
    • the header information on students writing on a google doc, this enables the student to focus on the learning goals and for feedforward / feedback by peers to be explicit.
    • a student's blog post, they enable the student to reflect and others to comment with a focus.

    Classroom Discussion

    Voicethread is a great tool for an online discussion that can be returned to.

    Formative Assessments

    Short video clips with students explaining their process for learning, for example in Maths students show their strategy

    Metacognitive Strategies

    Wairakei School teacher, Kate Friedwald and parent, Denise Fuller, explain how Mitchell, a student with Aspergers syndrome, uses an iPad to support his learning needs and have control over his learning. He can reflect on what works for him.

    How do you already bring these five classroom practices alive in your classroom?

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