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SMS: Edge vs Kamar

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Started by Rebecca Ronald 02 Aug 2015 9:02am () Replies (2)

Hi all,

My (secondary) school plans to change our SMS at the end of the year, and the two options we are considering are Edge and Kamar. I'd appreciated it if anyone has any insight to share about these two products that we might take into account in our decision making.

I would also help us if you have info to share about how your school handled the selection of their current SMS. I'm particularly interested in hearing from anyone using Edge, as it is quite new and not used by many schools yet. I am familiar with Kamar, although not in the past couple of years - I'm wondering how their web portal is coming along.




  • Tania King (View all users posts) 03 Aug 2015 9:08am ()

    Hi Rebecca

    We are an Edge secondary school having come from MUSAC classic. We took on a few of the packages at the start of 2014 (finances, pastoral, enrollments, markbooks). It was a very testing time as while it was user friendly putting the information in, it did not have the functionality to export the data or info we needed. By term three we were ready to jump ship and go either back to classic or go to Kamar. I called a meeting with Jeremy and his team and explained our sheer frustrations and they listened. 

    Loads and loads of updates to the software has happened since then and we have actively given feedback and feed forward. MUSAC were very proactive listening to the schools using the package and were keen to know what we wanted and how they could improve it.

    This year we took on the remaining packages (attendance, reports and timetable) again very user friendly but still more functionality to be done. We have temporarily stopped using pastoral and gone to SWIS as we are a PB$L school therefore need to be able to export very specific data that Edge just does not do at the moment. They are however working with us on this.

    Would I jump ship now? No, unless they stop listening and stop making incremental steps towards improving the functionality which I am sure they would not do. 

    Would I recommend it to others? Yes, as it is great that it is in the cloud. i.e I don't have to log on through remote connection to our network before having to log into MUSAC. Also that it has the parent portal which some of our parents used. The reports are great and some much quicker to do. Plus parents get an email sent to them to go and view the reports once we 'publish' them. The day will come when we will not need to send out paper reports to all parents. 

    I have never worked with Kamar and I am often told by other staff how wonderful it is, however I am happy with progress being made on Edge. 

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ring me if you want more info 06 3490950




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