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LEARNZ audioconferences are now enhanced using Adobe Connect

Started by Barrie Matthews 30 Jul 2015 2:57pm () Replies (1)

LEARNZ audioconferences are now enhanced using Adobe Connect. This enables students to more actively participate in the field trip by adding imagery, text and chat, allowing questions that arise spontaneously to be answered on the spot by experts.

What hasn't changed?

  • 'Speaking schools' still ask their questions using a phone connection
  • The audio stream is now 'plugged into' Adobe Connect so everyone can hear.

What's new?

  • Adobe Connect enables us to share the written questions, related photos and links
  • A summary of the answers is added in a text area in real time to support the oral answers
  • At the start a live web cam introduces the location, the experts, the LEARNZ Teacher and the ambassadors (class mascots) 
  • LEARNZ enhanced audioconferences are now divided into two consecutive parts: 
    1. First is a formal, structured part where booked classes put their prepared questions to experts who answer out loud
    2. Second is a less formal, less structured part where classes type spontaneous questions into the chat area which are answered out loud by the experts. 

Teachers who register with LEARNZ and then enrol in a field trip are sent an invitation to join the LEARNZ Adobe Connect web conference sessions.

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