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Analysing Song Lyrics

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Started by Jody Garland 20 Jul 2015 12:40pm () Replies (1)

I use Actively Learn with my class and you are able to add music from Spotify to go with the writing. I am using this at the moment to analyse song lyrics, interpreting metaphors and exploring vocabulary. However, students must have a Spotify account, to be able to listen to the song. 

I could just put a link to YouTube, but then the video plays which is sometimes inappropriate.

So my question is, am I breaking the Spotify terms and conditions to allow the students to create a Spotify account? The terms and conditions say that you must be 13 years old with parent permission. My students are 11 or 12. However, as the school owns their email accounts, can we get around this?

Would love to know your thoughts or ideas!

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